Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a few more!

Here are just a few more pics from our birthday weekend!

Peyton with his cousin Piper
Baby Abby was obviously overwhelmed with all the excitement
Peyton loves to play with Lindsey and Colton
Going for a ride in his new wagon
Look Ma! No hands!

Happy Birthday Peyton!

So this last weekend marked Peyton's very first birthday. We can't believe that he's already 1!! When we decided we wanted to have a baby we never dreamed how much FUN it would actually be. Yes we've had bad days, but the good out weigh the bad by far. We had a GREAT birthday party at Maw and Paw's and the whole family showed Abby even took a dip in the pool! It's definitely a day we will never forget. On Friday we had Hannah Parker come to the house to take Peyton's 12 month pictures. Of course he hammed it up all day and we can't WAIT to get the pictures back. We'll let you know when they're online. Today we went for Peyton's 1 year check up. He now weights 21.5 lbs and is 28.5 inches long. Yes he's still on the petite side, but what can you expect when his Momma's a shorty. So far he's right on track and his language skills are actually a little ahead of the game. He now has about 6 words that he has said....Hot being the newest. Daddy taught him that one when they were grilling steaks a few days ago. Now everything is Hot...even if it's cold. This week we'll start trying whole milk instead of formula....please pray that this goes smoothly as we are VERY ready to stop buying formula! :-) So I think thats all for the latest happenings at the Hoefler House. We'll leave you with a few pics from his birthday weekend!