Thursday, February 25, 2010

Future Tech Bulldog

I just realized that every single picture on this post features Shelby with her paci. It's just been one of those days. It started out to be decent. I managed to get showered and dressed before taking Peyton to school because I was taking Shelby with me to get my hair done right after. (when Brad told me my hair was black with a little bit of blonde I decided it was time!) Thats about where the good day ends. I made it all the way to the salon and almost out of my car when I realized I left Shelby's diaper bag at home. So I had to go all the back home to get it because I just knew she would get hungry while I was there. Good thing I went back because as soon as I walked in the salon she spit up everywhere. thankfully I remembered a change of clothing for her. She did extremely well while I got my hair highlighted and cut...she even tolerated a trip to one of my favorite children's store after so I could get more bows for her. Then we pulled into the car lane at Peyton's school and she lost all control. She was clearly hungry so I tried feeding her in the car...not happy. She cried the entire ride home and really has not been very happy since. She did FINALLY drink that bottle and just finished another. Peyton came out of school with some mystery food stuck all over his face and sucker hanging out of his mouth. Needless to say whatever they had was packed with sugar because we fought for 2 hours for a nap. I guess he finally gave in because I haven't heard from him in awhile...Shelby did not want to nap really no one has had a nap. *sigh* It could all be WAY worse though...she could have been up all night, too. But she wasn't....she slept like a big girl in her bed again getting up only twice to eat. I love her.

I'm not sure you can tell in any of these pictures, but her shirt says Louisiana Tech Baby. Thanks to Aunt Mer for her first Tech shirt! (oh and thats a new bow she's wearing, too)

She was getting ready for a good scream here...the paci flew out and was awesome.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 weeks and "racing" for the sick kids

Shelby celebrated her 3 week birthday yesterday...I'd say she didn't realize it, but it seems as though she knows she's getting bigger and is demanding lots of food a lot more often! ha! She must be going through a growth spurt because instead of eating every 3 hours, she'd be a lot happier to eat about every 2 hours. Problem is she won't eat as much every 2 hours so we're really working on holding her off to every 3 hours. That being said, she's still waiting longer to eat in the middle of the night which is perfectly fine with us. For the past week she has been going to bed sometime between 8 and 9 pm and getting up around 2:00 am and 5:00 am to eat. That works for me because honestly it only feels like you have to get up once in the middle of the night to feed her. Sleep deprivation isn't near as bad as it was with Peyton...of course we've had my parents here for the last few days and we haven't had to get up for those feedings!! hahaha! It's been really nice having help the last 3 weeks and we definitely feel ready to take over. Peyton and I have been fighting a horrible cold for the last week so any help we can get we gladly take. I'm finally feeling human again and Peyton is very slowly but surely getting over his. It hasn't slowed him down at all though. On Thursday Peyton participated in a trike-a-thon at his preschool. They rode to raise money for St. Jude and he did an awesome job. Not sure he really understood what he was riding for, but he though it was REALLY cool he got to take his trike to school. ha! Today we hope to get him outside more since the weather is FINALLY sunny and a warm 66 degrees. Spring is finally around the corner...I hope.

Shelby had her first check up this week, too. She now weighs 7lbs 9oz and is 20 1/4 inches long. She's growing so fast!

Riding is serious business

Peyton got a new Spiderman helmet just for the trike-a-thon...if you don't already know, Peyton is obsessed with super heros right now.

Trying to keep up with the bigger bikes...we tried getting him a new bike...he's perfectly happy with his trike right now.
Getting ready to take off

He was so excited!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

You say it's your "birthday"?

Happy 2 week birthday Shelby!!! So, I thought we lived in South Mississippi, but I think I'm mistaken. Last night and this morning we accumulated about 4 inches of snow...yuck. So not only did we get flurries the day Shelby was born, for her 2 week birthday we had a full out snow storm. I hope this isn't a trend for years to come because birthday parties are going to be hard to plan in the snow. Shelby did not venture out in the white out, but her brother certainly did. He's had several snow ball fights with Mom and Dad and even got to build a snowman with Daddy. To say he loved it would be an understatement....lets just hope he doesn't get sick now...his runny nose was back with a vengeance last night, but I didn't have the heart to tell him he couldn't go out this morning. What kind of boring Mommy would I be if I said no right? So fingers crossed sickness stays out of this house!! Enjoy the pics!

Could not get away without posting some of Shelby...isn't she sweet?
Danny, if you call her a bow head I will cut you! ;-)

This would officially be a Mississippi snowman

Snowball fight!!!

Yep, he loved it THAT much

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our babies

Aren't they sweet?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One week old and a day late

Yesterday Shelby turned 1 week old!! At the risk of jinxing myself I'm going to say the first week was easy. Could have been all the help though. (wink wink) My Mom left this morning and I immediately went into panic mode. Then I remembered Nana and Pop will be here tomorrow for backup. Shelby is doing decent through the night..still up every 3 hours. She goes longer between feedings during the day so our mission today has been to keep her awake as much as possible so that maybe she'll have a 5 hr stretch during the night....if we're lucky. Peyton has proven to be an excellent big brother...always willing to help and ALWAYS checking on "his" baby Shelby. Tonight and next week will be the big test as I try to manage Shelby and Peyton's school schedule. Luckily I'll have lots of backup with Nana and Pop, but my mission is to get a routine while they are here...just in case I sink. Thats all for now...all was quiet for about 5 minutes in the house so I thought I'd it's circus again. Enjoy some pics!

Monday, February 1, 2010

All things sweet

Of course all of these pictures are in backwards order, but at this point I figure I'm lucky to have gotten any on. ha! We finally made it home Sunday afternoon and I think the whole family was more than thrilled to get out of the hospital. Before Shelby arrived, Peyton had expressed a want to have a birthday party for her when she got home from the hospital. We figured since we were bringing another human in his life it's the least we could do. Maw and Nana took him to buy party supplies on Saturday and I must say he planned the perfect party. We had Spiderman cake, a basketball pinata and Minnie Mouse balloons...what little girl could ask for more?! It was awesome. Shelby had gotten Peyton a present from her and so far it's rarely left his arm...I think he likes it. Our first night home proved to be fairly uneventful. Shelby has had issues with hiccups which makes her incredibly mad, but today we're thinking we got them worked out with her Dr. Brown's bottles. The hiccups made for a long night, but thankfully Peyton's sleep was not affected at all. By 1:30 am, Brad and I were throwing up the white flag and had Nana stay up with Shelby. We're hoping tonight the hiccups subside because we're fairly certain she will sleep for longer periods without them. If not...Maw will be pulling night duty. ha!! Tomorrow we take her in to be weighed again...when we left the hospital yesterday Shelby had only lost one ounce...she's a very good eater to say the least. The Dr. said they like to see them back at their birth weight by their 2 week visit..yeah I don't think we're going to have the problem. Enjoy the pictures and continue looking for more updates!!!

Peyton and his gift from baby Shelby
Peyton blowing out "Shelby's" candles

Pretty sure she's the sweetest little thing ever!!!

Getting ready to leave the hospital....thinking that sweater might be a little too big for awhile. ha!

She loves her groceries!

There are no words for this one...melting their Mommy's heart

She may have been in a milk coma

I love how proud he is and how disgusted she is...awesome.