Monday, December 13, 2010

So many firsts!!

Since I last posted, Shelby has celebrated her first Thanksgiving and her first annual trip to Birmingham to ride the Polar Express. Shelby LOVED her some Thanksgiving and without a doubt (and not shockingly either) her favorite was Mommy's sweet potato casserole. She also loved her some cranberry sauce...honestly there wasn't much she didn't love. Peyton loved Thanksgiving equally as well especially since some of his favorite people were here to play with him. My cousin and her family joined us and Peyton is in LOVE with her daughters. So a big thank you to Haley and Parker for keeping Peyton entertained all day. After Thanksgiving, we headed to Birmingham for our annual ride one the Polar Express. Peyton was even more excited this year (not a big surprise) and couldn't even be talked to as we waited to board the train. After all...meeting Santa at the North Pole is serious business and one cannot be bothered with silly questions like..."Peyton stand with Mom and take a picture." I love that little man. Shelby being good on the train was going to be a 50/50 shot. Since she despises riding in the car we weren't holding out much hope. To our pleasant surprise she was an angel. I'm sure it helped that Daddy held her the whole way and she watched all these little people acting silly on the train. If somehow I could recreate that experience in the car we'd be golden. ha! She wasn't bothered by Santa....she wasn't excited, but not scared either. I think she was more annoyed that we handed her over to a stranger. She'll love us for it one day. As usual, all the kids got a bell and ornament and of course the coveted chocolate milk and cookie. I seriously think Peyton was more excited about the cookies and milk than Santa. He's definitely my son. In November, Peyton also had his last soccer game. Sadly they lost, but you'd never know it. Each kid got a medal and Peyton is SO proud of it. Peyton also had his Thanksgiving feast at school. LOVED it!!! They had a short program before and he did a fantastic job singing. After the feast he asked me.."Mommy is Thanksgiving coming to my house because this was really yummy." hahahaha!! Sadly enough our Thanksgiving didn't consist of chicken nuggets and trail mix, but he enjoyed it just the same. And thats what we've been doing for the last month!!

Forgot to mention we bought our first real Christmas tree ever. Peyton picked it out....can you tell?
chocolate milk on the Polar Express
Mouth full of cookies
Shelby with her bell
Kainaan, Peyton and Shelby
My two sweeties with her bells
Mr. and Mrs. Claus!!
Peyton seeing Santa at the "North Pole"
Our conductor
She loves her brother!

Love this family pic!!
Waiting to board the train
Shelby waiting to board in her awesome new hat and coat
These next few pics are just me and Shelby having fun one day
Shelby has been clapping for months now...she's showing off here.

This is her "cute" face
Obsessed with sticking her tongue out these days
How big is Shelby? SOOO big!!

Best buddies!

Peyton, Haley and Parker going through the ads at Thanksgiving.
The princess eating her first Thanksgiving meal

TOTALLY forgot to write about the Monster Truck race Brad and Peyton went to. He has not stopped talking about it...Santa just may bring him a remote control one of his own.
Peyton and his teachers.
Our little Indian...I made his costume by the way. Just call me Martha.

Peyton with his Soccer Medal.