Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Vacay

I haven't been able to get all my pics downloaded yet, but I'm working on it!!! We had camera drama as we pulled into Disney World so we've got half of our pictures on our phones and the other half on our camera. Never a dull moment! Here are a few sneak peaks though! :-)

The Happiest place on earth!!!!

Tinkerbell was confused. She didn't know who was Peyton and who was Shelby. I didn't realize we picked non-gender specific names for them! 

Just because I LOVE that smile

I think we were in the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house

Proof we do exist....and I had the WORST head cold.

Winnie The Pooh Ride

This kid LOVES her some ice cream

Dumbo the flying elephants!


Sweet Shelby and Cinderella. 

Parents WIN

Day 2: Universal Studios. We had to buy new clothes after this

It happened to be Dr. Seuss' birthday that day. They got to be in a parade and listen to a story. We skipped birthday cake. You try fighting a million people for free cake.

Shelby playing scared waiting for her first roller coaster. She LOVED it...she wanted to ride Harry Potter several times that day. 

Peyton being silly