Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus...

This Sunday Santa visited our house early. Since we will be in Bossier for Christmas, we decided we would celebrate with Peyton a little early. It was definitely more fun this year than last year, but we learned a valuable lesson. Do not give Peyton a truck, train or vehicle of any kind before he opens his other presents! Once he saw his train set, he was uninterested in opening anything else...which is good because that was his big present and after 3 hours of assembly last night, we both joked that if he hated it, we'd never get him another present! ha! I was quite proud of us, though, for putting this thing together in only 3 hours. Yes I said "only" because I'm very certain you have to be an engineer of some sort to put the actual train together. I'm still not sure we got it totally right, but it's irrelevant now....Peyton finds it amusing to take it apart anyways. Oh well, he's having fun right! Brad and I had a blast doing this project together and I think that was the point anyways. We don't get much time to do things together and if we have to find that time by putting together toys, then so be it. Peyton did enjoy many of his other the $2 John Deer Tractor or the $3 truck. Thank goodness he liked the toys and not the boxes though! He also got his first golf clubs....he and daddy spent the afternoon working on the basics....I'm not sure who was teaching who though. Anyways, enjoy the pictures that follow. Hope everyone has a fantabulous Christmas! Look for more pictures soon!

This pic was for fun....look at those curls!

Mommy and Daddy having fun putting together the train!

Daddy putting together the train

The Train Set completed!

Mommy reads instructions the best!

Peyton loves his train!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Wonderfulness of Peyton

With Peyton sitting in my lap as I type this, I think back to how incredible this last year has been. It has only been a short year ago that we were celebrating Peyton sleeping through the night in his own room. Now we celebrate walking and's amazing how much a year brings. On that note, I think I have not updated on all the cool things Peyton is doing these days. He now weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds and is 30 1/2 inches long. Yes he's still petite, but he doesn't know that. Yesterday he flew face first off the front step...ending in tears and a few nice scrapes on his face....he cried for all of a few seconds and then ran off to play something else. He's all boy! Here are a few words Peyton can say:
*Dada and sometimes Daddy
*Pepper (it's still Bob)
*Ball (it's still Bawwwlll)
*Abby (Ab-Ab)
*Nite Nite
*He attempts to say cookie and lawn mower

Peyton can walk, wave bye bye, pull out all the Tupperware, dance and climb! He also can make a piggy noise when asked "what does a pig say" and pants like a dog when asked "what does Pepper say". So cute!

On that note I'll leave you with a video of Peyton dancing and playing with his Dad. Turn up your speakers...Peyton rocks out to Elvis Christmas music!