Saturday, August 30, 2008

Evacuation complete

Just a quick post to update any concerned family and friends. We made it to Bossier last night safe and sound...beating all the evacuation traffic...thank God. This is the craziest thing I've ever experienced and yet I'm not even close to feeling as much anxiety as I did with Hurricane Katrina. The Governor of Louisiana has canceled all northern Louisiana schools until Wednesday....I can say with certainty that has never happened in my lifetime. They canceled classes because they want to have those schools accessible for Homeland Security agencies and shelters for evacuees. As of now we're just waiting to see what happens. I feel like this storm is going to miss Hattiesburg and head more west....our biggest challenge will be timing our trip home...missing storms in Hattiesburg, but leaving here before it begins to storm. Can you tell that I am DETERMINED to go on our vacation next weekend? ha! I'm sure we'll make it..lets just hope Brad doesn't have issues at work. For now, they're predicting that hattiesburg will expect 2-4 inches of rain and 30 mph sustained wind. Pray our fence holds up! Anyways, just wanted to give you an update. When I have more news I'll let you all know, but for now we're going to hang out by the pool while it's still sunny!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

See ya!

Last night Brad went to fill the car up with gas...he had to go to 3 gas stations before he finally found one that wasn't out of gas. It feels like the days right after Katrina when the lines were long at the stations and McDonalds was giving out cokes in a can instead of their cups. People are bringing their trucks and lining up filled gas cans in the's ridiculous. I remember thinking after Katrina that the price of gas was never going to come was $2.85 at it's it was $3.63 and the storm hasn't even hit yet....I guess I was right about gas not coming down! In the midst of all this chaos, there are still the people that say "oh I'm not's going to shift, I know it." I admire their conviction, but what if it doesn't...have they done anything to prepare? Well, I'm prepared....prepared to get the heck out of Dodge. And now after watching the weather channel, I realize I may need to pack for longer than I planned. There is ANOTHER tropical storm headed towards the states and if it takes a southern's headed straight for the gulf. (sigh) Guess our trip to Gulf Shores may not happen next weekend after all, but we have baby sitters and darn it we're going somewhere!! I promise the next post will have pictures of the little's what you all come for anyways!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So here we are 2 days before the 3rd anniversary of the worst hurricane in U.S. history....and it's mass chaos. I guess we can probably thank the media for that because no one wants the liability of not evacuating people in time. But this point all we know is Gustav will head into the Gulf...will it hit our family in Houston or will it head straight for us? Either way it's a lose situation for our family. But why put everyone into a panic? At this point they're saying it's going to hit New Orleans....they don't know that for sure so they're also telling the Mississippi coast to be prepared...for those that don't know...Hattiesburg is 2 hours from New Orleans and a short hour from the coast. I think it's safe to say we'll get some weather if it really goes either direction. So that leads to mass chaos in Hattiesburg. You can't buy a generator here...they're all sold out. Water, flash lights, batteries....all flying off the shelves. I don't know if you call it being prepared or panicking, but people are taking it serious this time. Is it really possible that I could see 2 catastrophic hurricanes in my 29 years of life? I pray not...I mean we just finally got our fence up! ha! But that would be our luck. So for now I'm getting the laundry done and cleaning house....God forbid a hurricane come and my house not be spotless! At the moment we're planning on our original Friday evening departure....thats negotiable though. No matter what...Mom get the hurricane mix ready because I think it's time for a hurricane party!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seriously? Another one?!!!

By now you all know that I'm a weather freak. I thrive on it...if I had to name my favorite network it would be The Weather Channel. Dorky..maybe, but very informational! So Tropical Storm Fay ended up being a let down.....depending on who you talk to I guess. By the time it made it's way here it was barely a tropical depression and Hattiesburg set in the middle of the rotation for days.....which only meant misty rain and damaging 8 mph wind. ha! I will say that the rain did wonders for our flower beds and the neighbors said we should get yard of the month. I'll try to take pictures later. I stopped watching the weather once it fizzled...totally out of character for me...and today while I was getting my hair done I heard someone say something about a hurricane. WHAT?!!! How did I miss that? So of course I run home and check my favorite channel and sure enough...another hurricane. Except this one is an actual hurricane and it's headed for the gulf. May I remind you it's been 3 years almost to the day since Hurricane Katrina....not a fond memory. But what's even MORE traumatic is that it's headed to the gulf just in time for our long baby free weekend to Gulf Shores Alabama with my best friend Meredith and her hubby. If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm a big kid now!!!

Well...I'm a computer genius. I had written a huge paragraph about our latest happenings and I deleted it...all of it. So here I go again.....
Peyton started preschool last week....I may have mentioned that in an earlier post. So far it's going pretty good although he still cries when I drop him off. It's getting easier everyday. He seems to really like it though because he always has a big long story to tell me when I pick him up. His teachers names are Mrs. DeeDee and Mrs. Amy. He is convinced every morning that he's going to see his Uncle "D" and Aunt Amy...he even names off all of the rest of family (sorry're still just a horrible face he makes!). I may have to stop telling him he's going to see Mrs. DeeDee and Mrs. Amy because I think he gets his hopes up. Last week I took him in for his 2 year check up. It went great. And get this.....Peyton has finally moved from the 25th percentile to the 50th! woohoo! He's officially average instead a little below!! He's finally catching up. He weighs 27.8 lbs and is almost 34 inches tall. He's such a big boy...but still a baby to his Mommy! Last weekend we officially moved him to his toddler bed. The transition was a huge success!! I know...our next child will be a hellion. ha! So far all of Peyton's major transitions have gone well. Saturday morning we converted his crib to the toddler bed so it would be ready for nap time. When we were done, he crawled in it, said "oh wow..that cool!" and that was the end of it! He has been sleeping wonderfully and will not put foot to floor without our permission...unbelievable!! I thought for sure he'd wonder around his room since his train table is in there, but he behaves like a little angel! I'm sure at some point he's going to get more comfortable with it, but for now I'm counting my blessings. So for now we're just thankful for life's little favors and hoping we'll catch a break with this tropical storm. Now if you're talking to Maw and Paw, they're hoping for an evacuation...we're just hoping not to lose power!! ha! I know you're here for the pictures so I'll get to it...enjoy the randomness that is our life!!

Daddy will love that I put this picture on here....please notice his "redneck" shirt...I's sad. Peyton sleeping in his big boy bed!

This is from Peyton's actual birthday. We went to Nicky's with Maw, Paw, Nana and Pop. Peyton was so excited to have us all together he couldn't sit still!
After dinner, Peyton got to go play in Uncle J's race car
This is the first day of school....I think he was worried they wouldn't have toys there.
Starting him early!!

Swinging at Maw and Paw's
Peyton and Daddy on his birthday at Nicky's

Dancing to the Mexican music at Nicky's

Peyton with his favorite person..."Pie" or Piper for those that don't already know!
These boots are made for walkin....sort of.
Tim and Lori sent Peyton these crayons for his birthday...he loved them!
Peyton in his clubhouse...pretty soon it will be known as the Heeman Woman Haters Club
"I kide"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storm Watch 2008

Ok so I have lots of updates for Peyton along with some pictures, but I don't have it all together quite yet. I just had to write and say....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! If you're a weather freak like I am then you know that Tropical Storm Fay is insane! I totally stopped watching where it was going and then today I turn on the weather channel and see that it is basically going to bounce of Florida and head back our direction. Whats up with that?!! My Dad, being the all knowing man he is, predicted this a few days ago. I think he's secretly been praying it would do this so that we would all be home for his birthday! ha! So batten down the hatches and clear the roads....we may have a hurricane on the loose and you can bet we'll be Bossier City bound!! Happy weather watching!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FINALLY!! are some pictures just like I promised!! There are about a zillion more I could post, but I've been trying to do this in the midst of cooking supper. I'll try to get more posted this week!

Peyton feeding Abigail
Peyton riding Patches
This is Peyton's first reaction to the animals...if there was audio you'd hear him saying "WOW"
Daddy being goofy

Wave to your people!

Peyton's cousin Abby came all the way from Houston to celebrate....ride Abby ride!

Aunt Amy and Uncle Josh also being goofy

Peyton LOVED the black you can see by him hugging it!

"Happy birthday dear Peyton..Happy birthday to you!"

Can you see it? It's Mr. Snuffleupacus on Peyton's cake! Piper was totally eyeing that cake too!

The kids loved playing in the balloons
Mommy and Peyton pigging out on cake and ice cream
Pool time!
Sweet Abby

Isn't he cute in his bug towel?
Piper got Peyton this inch worm and as you can see he was ready to ride it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton!!!

PARTY PARTY PARTY!! We are officially whipped from a fun filled birthday weekend. Today, Sunday, August 10th, Peyton turned 2. We had his actual party on Saturday at Maw and Paw's and it was AWESOME! We had ponies, a goat and a sheep. His first reaction to the ponies was "WOW!". It took a little while for him to warm up to the animals, but once he did, we could not get him off of the pony named Patches. He gave the goat and sheep hugs and kisses and rode Patches until right before they left. He also got to feed all the animals carrots, which he totally enjoyed and was upset when we ran out. He loved imitating the horses was so cute. He barely took time to eat his cake and ice cream...he was more interested in playing on his "bing" and "kide". I think he managed to eat Paw's ice cream and cake a little, eat a little!! After cake and ice cream, we moved it to the pool. God was looking down on us Saturday and kept the oppressive heat to a minimum, but the pool was definitely a refreshing end to the day. He took a time out from swimming to open a few of his presents...with the help from his friend Colten. Thank goodness for Colten because we'd still probably be waiting for Peyton to open his presents!! ha! By 9:00 p.m. Peyton was pooped and in bed. I think and hope he had a fantastic birthday....I'm pushing 30 and it was fun for me so surely a 2 year old enjoyed himself?!! I have a TON of pictures that I've tried loading, but something squirelly is going on with blogger and I was only able to load one. Now you would think I'd load one of Peyton enjoying the ponies or maybe one of him opening sir. The one I'll leave you with tonight is Peyton's Nana riding the pony. I mean I know you're all dying to see our big 2 year old, but come's WAY more entertaining to see Nana on a horse!! ha! Thanks to EVERYONE for making Peyton's birthday such a great one. A super special thank you to Maw and Paw for lending their home and time for Peyton's party....we appreciate all you do for us! Ok MUCH more to come in the next few days. We head back to Mississippi in the morning and Tuesday starts our first day of preschool. We're missing our introduction day tomorrow...but we thought it'd be more fun to have dinner with Nana, Pop, Maw and Paw tonight than driving 5 hours back home!! Keep checking back....I promise the pictures are great!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What happens in a year?

Peyton's 2nd birthday is Sunday...can you believe it?!! So I started thinking....what can happen in a year? Oh so much! It's hard to believe how much a child can learn in a year. I wish adults could learn such life altering things in such a short amount of time, but I guess maybe we least those of us with toddlers! Since Peyton's 1st birthday his biggest accomplishment has probably been walking.....which has turned into running....which sometimes turns into falling. He's learned all of his important body parts....eyes, nose, ear, mouth, toes, foot, leg, arm, hand and belly. He also knows what "shake your booty" means. He can do the hokey pokey and turn it all around. He knows all the movements to "if you're happy and you know it" and does a cute thing with his face when you say "your face will surely show it." He loves to "bing"..aka...swing and "kide"....aka slide. He loves sniffing flowers as well as picking them. He can successfully climb stairs all by himself...going down is a little more challenging. His vocabulary is least to me! He's pretty much a parrot even though sometimes he can't totally get what you're saying and when he gets really excited he stammers his words. He knows the sounds a cow, dog, cat, duck, pig, train, elephant, lion, bird, bear, hippo, turtle, frog and monkey make. (I'm positive there are a few I'm leaving out) He can say almost all of his family's names...Maw, Paw, Nana, Pop, Piper (which comes out "Pie"), Abby (which he still says..Abu), Josh, Amy, "D", Paige, Jay, Kelly and that leaves one family member...Heather. I can't describe what he does when he tries to say her name, but lets just say I feel bad for Heather! ha! Don't worry though..he's working on it! It literally hurts my brain to think of all the things he's accomplished in the last year. These are just a few I've listed here....the things he does on a daily basis that amaze me can't really be listed...because they happen...everyday. So this weekend my baby will officially turn into a toddler I matter how much I want to fight it. On Tuesday he will start his first official day of Preschool (sniff sniff) much as I would like the extra time to get the house clean or groceries bought, I would rather him stay tiny forever....but I guess then I wouldn't get the sweet bear hugs and kisses my little man gives me everyday. So even though Peyton is only going to be 2 this weekend, I realize that these children grow whether you want them to or not and they grow fast..very fast. So all you Mommies go hug and kiss your sweet babies because it won't last forever! Stay tunned for lots of pictures from a birthday full of ponies, a goat, a sheep and lots of family and friends!