Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying to get a smile

Getting Shelby to smile is not a problem...catching it on camera is!! I tried all day to get one of her smiles...these are the closest I got. She'll be 8 weeks tomorrow!!! I can't believe it. Yesterday I had to take her to the Dr. for a mystery rash on her face...found out it is eczema...also found out she's weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 7ozs. She's a piggy. No pictures of Peyton today...he was not in the mood for pictures today. Funny story they learned about Dandelions at school...they each drew a picture of one and made a wish. Peyton's wish....a baby. Don't get your hopes up little dude.

Here is proof that Brad and I do exist...we were in New Orleans this past weekend and this is our ONLY picture.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

All about Peyton...mostly.

We just got back from our first visit to Bossier with Shelby. She is an AWESOME car rider...not at all like her brother. I really thought we were in for it because she seems to always scream when we get in the car, but fortunately once we got going good it put her right to sleep. Peyton had BLAST in say the least. He got a new Spiderman bike that he has mastered riding...only after one nasty fall. He skinned his elbow pretty good, but it did not prevent him from getting on and trying again. I don't have a good picture of his elbow yet, but I think his Aunt Kelly got one that I'm hoping she'll send my way. My heart literally dropped when he fell and the first thing I thought was he broke his arm since he landed straight on it...thank God he didn't and I guess this was just the first of many heart dropping moments since he is a boy. I'll learn to live with it I guess. The highlight of his weekend, though, was catching a HUGE fish!! He hasn't been fishing since last spring when he caught a few small fish, but this fish was a record setter...for him anyways! And he caught it on a Spiderman fishing pole...of course! I was shocked it didn't break the pole. If we had that fish with us right now he'd be pulling it out of the ice chest to show you...he's that proud. I know a few Grandpas that are proud of him, too...I see lots of fishing trips in his future. It was a great trip home for all, but we're glad to be back in Mississippi and getting back into our routine.

Thought you would all like to see what laundry day looks like at my house.

So proud of his bike...and yes he now wears his helmet!

Peyton climbed his first tree!

This is his HUGE fish...(he calls it his HUGE's hilarious)

Posing with his fish

Peyton catching his HUGE fish

He caught this tiny fish before the big fish...he wasn't impressed and was actually ready to leave...until he caught Walter..(the HUGE fish)

Little fish

This is a good you see his tiny minnow he's using as bait? His Daddy told him to spit on his bait before he fished for good luck....Peyton took it to a whole other level...he put it IN his mouth and licked it. Yep..disgusting.
By the way...does anyone else think it's weird you use tiny fish to catch big fish? Something is wrong with that circle of life.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy 10 years

Brad and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last Thursday....we celebrated with the Longhorn Steakhouse. ha! What a way to celebrate 10 whole years, but what are ya gonna do when you've got a 5 week old. We had a great time and both kids were fantastic...who could ask for more?!! Not much has happened here this week. Shelby turned 5 weeks on Friday. She's getting bigger and bigger, but still not sleeping through the night. She is still only getting up for the one feeding so we feel very fortunate for that. Peyton is still doing wonderfully with his big brother duties. He helps in any way he can and this past week he passed a milestone of his own. He FINALLY is COMPLETELY potty trained. He has been tee-teeing in the potty for almost a year now, but pooping has been a whole other issue. Finally this last week he decided on his own it was time and he hasn't looked back. Thank God for small favors (or big favors depending on who you're talking to.) I never thought I'd get so excited over poop, but such is life. Leaving with a few pictures of the kiddos. Next week Shelby turns a big 6 weeks and we make our maiden voyage to Bossier City...stories and pics to come soon!!

The clown and the princess
I couldn't resist this one...I have NO idea what is up with her eyes!

Me and my babies on our anniversary

Just the girls!