Monday, May 26, 2008

Giddy up birthdays!

I loaded the blog backwards today....sorry! check out the pictures and then read my's crying so I must go!

Abby the birthday girl!
Peyton and Abby riding in the wagon

Giddy up horsey!

Loved the tractor....maybe for his birthday??

What a crazy few usual! Will it ever end? I doubt it. We spent Mother's Day weekend in Houston celebrating Abby's 1st birthday! We had a blast and Peyton thoroughly enjoyed playing with his cousin. Abby had a great 1st birthday...thanks to her wonderful parents. Peyton and I then rode to Bossier with Nana and Pop so we could see Maw for Mother's Day. We spent a few days in Bossier and then headed back to Hattiesburg. Peyton had his last day of Mom's Day Out last Tuesday. It was an odd day. When I dropped him off he was screaming crying so I stayed and played a little while with him. He finally calmed down and they said he had a great day. They had a pizza party in honor of the last day of school and Peyton had 2 pieces of pizza, 1 cupcake and a popsicle. He obviously had a good day! Then Wednesday we headed back to Bossier so that Peyton could attend his friend Colten's 2nd birthday party. He had an absolute blast! They had the party at Colten's grandma's house on the lake and Peyton wore himself going up and down the steps in the backyard. He never even stopped to eat! Their theme was farm animals and as you've probably guessed, they had farm animals there! Peyton got to pet a goat and sheep....he didn't care for that too terribly much because they both charged at him. What surprised us the most was how excited he was about the horses! Most of the other kids were reluctant to get near the horses, but not Peyton. He ran full force straight for the Pony. He rode it 3 times and it was like he rode a horse everyday. He knew how to make it go and he was never scared. It was SO SWEET! Needless to say we're looking into getting him a Pony to have at his party now. So now we're still in Bossier and will be for the week. Peyton just developed a nasty cold we're hoping he gets over quick! I'll leave you with a few pictures from our birthday party festivities.

Monday, May 5, 2008


It's been entirely too long since I last updated....I know. We've been busy! Because I don't even remember the last time I posted, we'll just start with last week. Brad and his dad went to Talladega for the big race and 3 fun days of golf. It's their yearly trip and Brad looks forward to it all year...he's already talking about next year! On Sunday, Peyton and I drove up and met them in Birmingham. Brad had to be in Atlanta on Monday and since Birmingham is on the way, we decided we'd meet up and go with him. We spent the night in Birmingham Sunday and then Monday morning set out for Atlanta. This is probably one of the only times that I will be able to say this, but we got to stay at The Ritz downtown!! It was everything I could have hoped for. You really do get treated like royalty there! Brad was there for work and since Georgia Pacific is right across the street, they put him up at the Ritz. That is THE only way would have been able to stay there. I think Peyton was probably the only child there because every employee knew his couldn't have been because he told everyone "hi" and blew them kisses :-) Because they all loved him so much, he got a stuffed elephant and rubber ducky and another day he got a stuffed teddy bear...they were really good to him there. On Monday we took him to the Georgia was so much fun. Peyton really enjoyed climbing everything that stood still and we enjoyed the fish. His favorite though were the Sea Lions. He absolutely loved them and absolutely cracked up at them. We bought him a Sea Lion ornament to remember the trip. On Tuesday, Peyton and I were on our own so we went to the park at Centennial Park. He had an awesome time and played for like 2 hours. We got a good nap that day. Wednesday Peyton and I went to the mall where we bought surprisingly nothing. He slept good though! Then Thursday we were off to Brunswick to visit our friends Melissa and Gary and their kids Logan and Reese. I thought Peyton would take awhile to warm way! He immediately realized that Logan and Reese were little like him and attached himself to them for the rest of the weekend. They were so sweet to him!! Thanks guys for tolerating us! Friday we all went to the beach...this was a big test because the last time Peyton went to the beach was last summer and he hated it. Not so this go around...he LOVED it. He dug holes all over the beach, but was still very leery of the water....just the way I want it! Saturday was Reese's birthday party which Peyton slept animal. Then Sunday we headed home. He was wonderful in the car...we could not have asked for better. It's so wonderful to be we gear up to leave Thursday for Houston for cousin Abby's first birthday. Whew....I feel like I've just typed my life story and it's only been a week! It doesn't appear things will slow down anytime soon, but I hope somewhere in the midst of all this, Brad and I can find a weekend to get away alone....even though all we ever do is talk about Peyton!! Well, it's bath time so I should wrap this up. I apologize for the randomness of this email...I'm sure as I read it back nothing will make sense. Just know that we've had a great time this past week no matter how tired we may be and we look so forward to seeing Abby this weekend as well as all the family!! Enjoy the out of order pictures! ha!

Peyton at the playground

Peyton at the ocean
Crazy hair doing the chicken dance at the beach

I've got sand bombs and I'm not afraid to use them

Daddy and Peyton at the Aquarium

Mommy and Peyton with the fish

Peyton laughing at the Sea Lions

Getting ready to slide at the park

Chasing birds at the park....does he know his Mommy is afraid of birds?

The family at the Japanese Steakhouse in Brunswick