Sunday, April 26, 2009

An "Incredible" weekend

Lets just start off by saying this might have been Peyton's best weekend...EVER. Daddy and Pop went on their yearly trip to Talladega this weekend so Peyton and I went to Bossier. We got in Wednesday night and pretty much just layed around all day Thursday at the was great. Friday was the big day. We were going to see Disney on Ice and we had front row seats!! It was worth every penny because Peyton was glued to those characters. It didn't hurt that the whole thing was based on The Incredibles characters...which are Peyton's all time favorite. He's still talking about it and now I want to go back to Disney World....didn't we just get back though?! ha! I think Saturday was even better than Friday. We all decided that we would get up and "go into town" (never thought I'd say those words). While Maw and I got ready, Paw took Peyton down to the pier. As I was blow drying my hair Peyton came running in the house saying something I couldn't understand. I look over and low and behold Paw is holding a fish....a fish that PEYTON caught!! It was his very first fish. He is officially hooked now and isn't too bad of a fisherman either. We went back down to the pier Saturday afternoon and I managed to catch up to Peyton's only took me 30 years to catch as many fish as my 2 year old. I'm a city girl ok. I only wish that I had my video camera during this fishing experience because Peyton's reaction is priceless. It doesn't matter if he caught a fish or not, he's going to scream every time he reels the line in. And I mean ear piercing screams! It's hilarious and you can only appreciate it if you hear and see it. I think the fish are finally getting used to his screams because we still managed to catch a few even though we were sure he scared them away! ha! So now we're back in the Burg and Peyton is still asking where Paw and fish are. I have a feeling in the very near future Peyton is going to want to spend his summers fishing with Paw. Enjoy the pics and I promise updates from our beach trip soon! Oh and I loaded these WAY backwards..sorry!

This is Peyton holding bait...yet another priceless reaction, but you had to be there.
I think this was probably his 3rd fish he caught...see the horror in his eyes?!

Look at his face closely...THIS is the reaction he had every time he reeled the line in.

Proof that I CAN fish....and look really really bad.
Peyton's favorite spot to fish....with Maw.

Peyton's 2nd favorite spot to fish...with Paw!

This is how lazy people get to the lake...just picking Mom and Dad!

Peyton and his very first fish.
Peyton and Paw on the pier

I have no words

These steps were a great place to eat lots of ice cream cones

Mr. Incredible!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life...or something like it.

Take a deep breath and let it go because life is FINALLY getting back to normal. Since Peyton's visit to the E.R. things have been really crazy. The day after his accident we visited the hand Dr. and were able to remove all those bandages...thank God! It was pretty uneventful and Peyton actually fell asleep while we were there. After that, we headed to Bossier for Easter. Peyton had a blast and after being with Paw for about 5 hours, he completely forgot about his finger. Very occasionally he would run to me telling me it hurt, but after Mommy kisses all was well. He had a great time hunting Easter eggs at both sets of grandparents and I'm happy to report that this year no eggs were thrown in the pool! yea! Nana and Pop had put teddy grahams in their eggs and Peyton insisted on opening every egg and eating every single cookie. Maw and Paw had candy in their eggs and thankfully he was so into racing Piper to find eggs, he didn't really realize what was in them...we still have that candy stashed away. ha! Sunday morning found us up super early to head back to Hattiesburg. The weather was forcasted to be really bad and we wanted to get ahead of it. Mission accomplished. So then it was time to unpack and repack for our week at the beach with Uncle D, Aunt Paige and Piper. Also happy to report that Peyton LOVES the sand now and our beach vacations should be much more enjoyable in years to come. Again his finger was never a concern and he had no problem grabbing hands full of sand and throwing them at us. He really enjoyed himself and we had a great time as well. We headed home on Thursday and on Friday morning Peyton got his stitches out. WooHoo!!! I was a nervous wreck that morning. Knowing how he reacted to getting the stitches, I was completely expecting the worst...and it really was. He screamed the most ear piercing screams and I just wanted to die right there. The nurse was SO super sweet and gave him plenty of breaks. In the end he was really brave and as soon as she set her tools down, he was done crying. He managed to make the nurse feel bad enough to send him home with a new teddy bear and truck. His finger looks great now and appears that he will have no problems. We still have to watch what the nail does, but they think he will probably keep it. All in all this has been an insane 2 weeks, but we came out even better on the other side. Tuesday Peyton will go back to school...hopefully without any accidents. Thursday we head back to Bossier to see Disney on Ice and Brad heads to Talladega with his Dad...their yearly man trip. I'll leave you with pictures from Easter...beach pictures soon to come!

Looking for eggs and Maw and Paw's.
I'll get 'em!

Maw and Paw got him a new bell for his swing set...I'm glad it's at their house and not mine.

I think 2 seconds after this picture he fell and skinned his knee...he's all boy!

Nana and Pop's old wagon...perfect for loading rocks.

I got rocks!

Not sure why he felt like he needed to sit in the middle of the track
Huntin for eggs and Nana and Pop's

Tuesday, April 7, 2009, not that show.

What a day. This week actually started out wonderfully. Peyton had a play date yesterday with his friend Hayden. We haven't had a play date with him since December because Hayden had gotten pneumonia, but he is all well now! Peyton really enjoyed the day and we set out this morning for school...just like any other day. By 11:30 the phone was was school. GASP...what kid did he hit today that required a phone call home?! I only wish it had been that now. Peyton had smashed his pinky in a door at school and I needed to come up there...on my way of course! On the way I really didn't think much of it. Actually I was thinking, why can't they deal with this for another 15 minutes..I usually pick him up at 11:45 anyways. Then it occurred to must be really bad. When I got there they were waiting in the lobby for me...Peyton in the Preschool Pastor's arms with his wrapped in paper towels...and there was a lot of blood. Ok so this is bad now. We put him in the car and take off to the E.R. Peyton hardly cried the whole time in the E.R. Xray was definitely the worst...that was the first time I got a real good look at it. It was really bad. Xray showed no break...thank God! Then we were off to decide what to do next. The Dr. wanted to put him under to stitch up his pinky....uhhhhh NO. I just couldn't see putting him through that for a finger...he's only 2 and who knows how he would deal with anesthesia. So we opted for the finger block. The needle was big and he cried...a lot. The Dr. seemed a bit nervous because lets face it...he's two and one could only expect him to be a wiggle worm. He just doesn't know my fearless freddie. We wrapped Peyton up like a burrito and it was time to sew him up. He was SO BRAVE. He cried a bit, but mostly we just talked about milk shakes, trains, maw, paw, "Pie", nana and pop. All his favorite things. Towards the end I could tell the numbness was wearing off b/c he was becoming anxious. I told the Dr. I thought he could feel it, but thankfully he was already done. He cried the most when they were wrapping it up...go figure. I am so proud of my little man...I don't think I would have been half as good as he was. In the end they called it a partial amputation of his pinky....I think it sounds worse than it really was, but it was kinda dangling. We go tomorrow to the hand Dr. The E.R. Dr. was somewhat worried that Peyton will totally lose his finger nail, but we'll just have to see. Not sure what the hand Dr. is going to do but hopefully he'll have some better ideas for wrapping it b/c that was pure torture to clean it and re wrap it tonight...that was the first time I cried all day. So we're all settling in tonight...much like nothing happened! Peyton played ball with Daddy this afternoon and really hasn't complained much...other than when we have to clean it. I'm so thankful for patience today...most of you know that is one quality I don't have often, but today I managed to put my Mommy shoes on and concentrate on the task at hand. I think Brad thinks something has taken over my body because he's still waiting on the breakdown. ha! All I can say is thank God for even the smallest keeping your cool. Sometimes those prayers end up being the biggest.

Peyton and Hayden having lunch
These next few pictures are of Peyton having his traditional "I went to the Dr." milkshake. It's something my mother started when we were kids and I've carried on with mine...hey it always made me feel better...still does!

Peyton is totally milking this finger the time I've been sitting here writing this I've had to go over and kiss his "hurt" at least 10 times....and he asks everytime with a huge smile. Could he be any sweeter?