Monday, June 23, 2008

A is for Alpaca!

So I'm sure you're wondering.."what is an Alpaca?" We'll get to's all part of the update! The last two weeks have been a fun one for the little man. Last weekend Maw and Paw came down to celebrate Father's Day with us. It probably could go unsaid that Peyton had a blast. He was a great host and made sure that Maw and Paw were entertained at all times....and they participated whether they wanted to or not! We took Peyton to the zoo Saturday and he rode the "toot toot" with Maw and Paw. We all had fun and Peyton was upset when it was time to get off. It was super hot that day, but he trooped through it and we saw all the animals. Thank goodness the Hattiesburg Zoo is super small so we were in and out in less than an hour I think. We rode the carousel on the way out...he loved it and cried when it was time to get off...again! We all ate at our favorite place..Mac's... Saturday night. I have one word for you...buffet. Peyton eats for free and we get our money's worth..ha! The child enjoys a buffet. Sunday Maw and Paw headed home and we took Peyton to the coast to the "fair". It was small but enjoyable. He rode a few rides, rode a pony and fed some animals...which was by far his favorite...especially the Alpaca. The Alpaca is a crazy looking llama sort of thing...Peyton thought he was great. All in all it was a great weekend! We're still not sure why we didn't bring our beach gear to the coast....guess it still hasn't sunk in that we live close to the beach. Last Tuesday Peyton officially started Mom's Day Out again....wooohooo! He cried when I dropped him off, but I think he'll get used to it again soon. He's been coming home with lots of new songs and hand motions....he's teaching Mom and Dad a few things for sure! Thats about all for whats new...I'll leave you with a few pictures from our fun fathers day weekend!

"toot toot"!!
Peyton and Paw
Giddy up horsey!
THIS is an Alpaca...told you he was crazy looking
This was a tiny baby goat....Peyton loved it because he could chase it around and get really close

Bye bye Alpaca

One last feed to the goats and of course....the Alpaca

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You scream, I scream....

We all scream for ice cream! What a fun summer so far. We spent a week playing in Maw and Paw's pool with Piper, Daddy bought Peyton his very own Dinosaur pool with slide for our house and we've spent almost every evening either eating a Popsicle or ice cream bar outside. It's been SO extremely hot so about all we're good for is swimming or eating something cold. Peyton loves it though. We're trying to convince Brad that we need our own big boy and girl pool...we're not very persuasive. This weekend Maw and Paw are coming to visit...we know we'll have super fun..we always do! It's suppose to cool off a bit so maybe we'll get to take him to the zoo to ride the "toot toot"....or in layman's terms...train. The next few weeks we'll be hanging out here in Hattiesburg because Brad is on call. But when July gets out! July 4th we're heading to Bossier to spend a few days in the pool no doubt. Then July 13th we leave for Rosemary Beach...FINALLY! We've had this trip planned forever with Nana and Pop and we're so excited to go. We'll be gone for a full week and we just pray that Peyton likes the sand this year. Then before you know it, it will be Peytons birthday. So much to do, so little time. I'm hoping that somewhere in the midst of all this we can squeeze in another short beach trip since that was the whole purpose of us moving to south be close to the beach! Anyways, I know you're all waiting for pictures so I'll get on with it. Enjoy!

Peyton eating his ice cream bar

Peyton hanging out at Maw and Paw's pool Peyton and his cousin Piper

All wet!
More ice cream!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Potty Chronicles

So today was the big day. We started potty training. Peyton has a few weeks off from "school" so I decided it would be a productive time to give it a try. He also has been waking up very dry in the mornings so I'm thinking physically he's ready for it. So as first days of potty training goes I suppose it's been a good one. No big developments in the potty, but I think he kind of gets the concept. One very big lesson learned today....when Peyton says "poo" it doesn't necessarily mean he needs to go "poo"...most likely it means he already take off the pull ups with caution as you might find yourself cleaning a bigger mess than anticipated! ha! I hope to have fun stories everyday to share with you with the ending being I have the genius son I know I have and we'll be trained within the month! Wish us luck!

As I was about to end this post Peyton reminded me to update you of a very fun thing he's for him not for us. He's officially a climber. He climbs anything and everything and at the moment is hysterically crying because I won't let him climb my chair. Let the fun begin.