Friday, September 21, 2007

Hurricane shell shock

So I'm sure most everyone already knows there is at the moment a Tropical Depression lingering off the coast. To give you an idea of how terrified the people down here are of another hurricane.....people are stocking up on supplies (me included!) and the local hotels are already booking up rooms from people evacuating New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It only took the worst Hurricane in United States history to finally get the attention of people living in coastal areas. At least it seems people are now taking these things seriously and getting the heck out of Dodge. I, however, apparently think it will be nothing more than a Tropical Storm and we will wait it out....we'll see who ends up being the dumb one!! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where's my belly?

Peyton was super cute tonight at bathtime. His belly was so full of chocolate milk that when he got in the tub, he immediately started patting his belly. It was too sweet that I had to get it on video. Enjoy!

Peyton with crazy hair like his Mommy

Can it get any sweeter than this!! Notice the pacifier resting gently on his cheek :-)

And finally...Peyton taking a bath

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy!

This past saturday Mommy officially turned 29. Thats one year closer to 30 and thats the last time we'll mention that. We had a great weekend starting off with Daddy letting Mommy sleep in on actual birthday. After Peyton had a nap we set out for a day of shopping. Peyton was somewhat agreeable and perked up when we walked into Lowes....typical man. Saturday night the boys took me out to eat to Macks Seafood Restaurant....a must if you ever visit Hattiesburg. My mom and dad actually found this place when they came down for Peyton's birth....we just now finally got to go ourselves! It was SO GOOD and we all 3 ate our weight in food...did I mention it was buffet? So so good. Peyton ate until he couldn't move...he had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, catfish, green beans, mac and cheese, cornbread and lets not forget the peach cobbler and ice cream. Needless to say we had to visit the changing table before we left the embarrassing when you can see other women's eyes watering in the bathroom because your son's diaper smells so bad. But it's all part of motherhood I guess.....and he had a blast so who really cares how bad he smelled! Sunday we took a family walk on The used to be an old railroad line that they've turned into a walking/biking trail...very cool and again..the first time we've visited it! We did a lot of firsts this weekend. Peyton had a good time and Pepper exhausted herself. There were several times she started to drag and looked up at us like "oh please pick me up". We made her tough it out. Sunday night we had a pretty bad night with the little guy...he's cutting 2 teeth on top and he's letting us know it too. Hopefully he'll get them cut through soon and we can have some peace and quiet again. Anyways, that was our wonderful weekend. Here are a few pics from the festivities and one of Peyton and his new tooth!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun days!

The last few weeks have been super busy for our little family. My best friend, Meredith, got married last weekend...finally!! It was a sweet wedding and I think the calmest wedding I've ever been part of. We had a great time and I hope they've had fun on their cruise. We also got to see baby Abby last weekend. She is so sweet and growing so fast. She and Peyton had fun playtime together....unfortunately Peyton is still learning how to be "soft" with babies. His favorite thing to do was to try and dump her out of her bouncy seat. Fun for him, but not so much for her. He also enjoyed giving her sweet kisses followed by bonks on the head. Hopefully she suffered no head injuries from her cousin! :-) On Monday we discovered that Peyton has a new tooth on top! He's very proud of it too. It's almost totally in and we can't wait....for some reason this tooth has been more painful for him. He's still not walking....surely one of these kids at Mom's Day Out can teach him!! The last few days have been awesome weather...Peyton has been able to go outside and play on his swing set and go out for ice cream! Going out for ice cream I think is his new favorite past time. Needless to say he needed a bath afterwards. He also enjoys playing with cars lately. He totally gets that a truck or car makes a vroom noise and he loves to push his trucks around while making his version of a vroom noise. We were able to catch him on video tonight sitting his car "driving." We also took some video of him eating his ice cream. Hope you enjoy and turn up the volume!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Aww Beetles!

We can now add beetles to Peyton's favorite bugs to eat. I swear I don't know where he is finding these things. Believe it or not I do keep my house clean! For some reason I handled the snail a little easier than the beetle. There's just something about seeing wings on your sons chin....just not right! Of course he was extremely upset when I took it away. We can't deny that our son is all boy! We're still working on the milk in a cup.....some days he does great and others it's just not worth the battle. The good thing is he does like whole milk and it does agree with him so half of the struggle is over. His newest thing is calling Pepper "Bob". I have no idea why he thinks that sounds like Pepper, but it's ask Peyton to call Pepper and he says, right on cue, "BOB!". I figure at least HE knows what he's talking about and at least it's a real word. We started our fall session of Mom's Day Out yesterday. We bumped him up to 2 days a week instead of 1....which I was really excited about. We're just hoping that it all works out and we can keep him enrolled. We're still not walking. Not sure what else to say with that except...we're still not walking! I know he'll do it when he's ready, but the anticipation is killing us! I'm hoping that as he sees more babies in his class walking, he'll be more interested in trying it. He's definitely ready and will let go of your hand and stand on his own for a long's just taking that first step that he's lacking. Thats pretty much all of the updates for now. Give us a few more days and I'm sure we'll add a few new bugs to the menu!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Peyton's pictures from Hannah are now posted online! We think they're super special, but you can judge for yourself. If you want to see them just click here

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Let football season begin!

Football season officially started in our home Thursday night with LSU murdering Mississippi State. We are loyal Louisiana Tech fans, but anyone born and raised in Louisiana knows that LSU is the only "real" football team in the state :-) Ok so maybe thats a little harsh, but if you're from HAVE to cheer for the purple and we do. And when LSU plays LA Tech, we will be sporting apparel from both schools...even Peyton. Last year Brad was able to enjoy all the football games because all Peyton did was sleep. This year I think he's already finding it a little more challenging. Peyton has reached his curiosity stage just in time for the season so it should be interesting. For now, Peyton will watch a little bit of the game...and he's always wearing "his" team's colors. We tried giving him his football to play with during the game, but he seemed more interested in Brad's blackberry. Here are a few pictures of him getting reading for the games this weekend.

After the guys watched football, we all headed into the playroom for family time. Brad and Peyton were playing with his ball popper that Aunt Mer got for him. Brad was letting the balls hit him in the head and Peyton thought it was hilarious. Here is a little video of him cracking up at his sure to turn your volume up! (and please excuse the playroom mess!)