Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids certainly got into Halloween a lot more this year. So much that I couldn't even keep up with Peyton to take pictures. ha! We got smart this year and hooked up our trailer to haul our kids along with my cousin and one of her kids plus a friend. We had a blast and thankfully this year it felt like Halloween with it being so cold. By the end of the night Peyton said his ears were ice cubes! ha! Definitely a southern kid. Shelby has as much fun as Peyton although had a hard time keeping up...insert Mommy carrying her to most houses. She also was TERRIFIED of any child dressed as a bug...including the 2 year old dressed as a bumble bee. Only my kid!!

Shelby about 5 minutes ago...eating her loot!
Our trailer full of trick or treaters
Little red riding hood!
There are just no words....I love these kids.

This was his scary face. hahaha!
We had to limit the howling to 2 howls per house. He forgot all about howling once he started getting candy.

Last weekend we made our first trip to the fair in Laurel. The kids had a blast and I've come to appreciate the times my parents took me a lot more after spending as much as we did. ha! Peyton LOVED riding the rides and Shelby enjoyed the animals. Can't wait till next year!

Peyton HATED the petting zoo...you can tell by his face. :-)
Shelby on the other hand LOVED it...she would've crawled in the pins with them.
Pony rides!! favorite for all.

The only game Shelby wanted to play...she would've fished for "quack quacks" for hours.
They wanted it, but neither one were really fond of it. Whose kids are these?

The ferris wheel!
Oh sweet soccer. I'm thankful for last years experience because Peyton has improved immensely. He really enjoyed it this year and so did we!!

Getting his trophy at his last game.
Peyton, Maw and Paw at his last game.
Peyton in action!

His first field trip....the snow cone place. :-) They had a ball.

Just because she's cute.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh you make me smile!!!

The last month has been nothing more than difficult. Peyton started kindergarten and after the first week, we had some adjustment issues. Happy to report that he is now well adjusted and enthusiastic about going to school. In the midst of all of those issues, Shelby started Mom's Day Out which insured our first nasty cold and double ear infection. Her sleeping patterns went totally off the wall and for 3 solid weeks no one, but Peyton, was sleeping in this house. Long story short....during those 3 weeks, Mommy got sick, Peyton got sick and worn out isn't even the right word. I'm SO VERY happy to report that after much debating, I think I figured out Shelby's real problem. Reflux. I have started her back on her meds and for the last 4 nights she has been sleeping completely through the night. Oh the joy! Seriously...it's like a different family and different baby. She's happy, sweet and just down right adorable again. So thats been our month....September is definitely off to a better start! The weather is beyond beautiful and we've gotten a fair amount of rain from Tropical Storm Lee...things are lookin' up!!

Sweet Shelby before school this morning. Maw got her this outfit and she definitely mastered the "Sass" today. Oh and I should mention that her shoes are her very first pair of Keds...sweetness!!
We've waited 3 years for La Tech to play USM here in Hattiesburg...of course a Tropical Storm had to move its way in for the weekend. The game was still played and Brad did brave the weather with my brother and his family to watch. Me and the kids got in our gear and watched safely from home.
Cutest Bulldog fan ever...well besides her brother. :-)
Maybe he wins for most enthusiastic.
This one may make Daddy's desk at work.
Back to school night at Peyton's school. This is on the playground...a giant spiderweb. This school knows how to win a little boys heart.

For some reason he was very proud of this wall. No idea why.

Shelby on her 2nd day of Mom's Day Out. She totally rocks pig tails.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Turning 5 and Kindergarten?!!!

5 years old...thats how old my baby is. I don't like it...at all. He still seems so small to me, but he certainly has a big personality. We could not have asked for a more entertaining, sweet and loving little boy. He is EVERYTHING we could've ever hoped for. Happy 5th Birthday sweet little man!!! We celebrated at Olympic Warrior Gymnastics...at Peyton's request. I love that he can actually have an opinion about this stuff now. The kids had a great time and Olympic Warrior did a fantastic job.

Love this...they were all throwing blocks and yelling happy birthday Peyton!
Yes she was there too.....not sure how much she liked it though.
So Peyton was convinced that THIS year Spiderman would come to his party. He prayed real hard about it, too. hahahaha! Well...I guess his prayers were answered because looked who showed up..

This is when Peyton found Spiderman...the look on his face is priceless.
As were were driving home that afternoon Peyton said to me.."see Mommy..I TOLD you Spiderman would come." Best.Mom and Dad.of.the.year.

Now the biggest event of the week. Peyton started Kindergarten. Not even possible to me. The week went fantastic...he loves his teacher and is making new friends everyday...although he can't tell you any of their names. ha! The first day he had lots to tell us and never stopped from the time he got into the car until he crashed around 5:00 that afternoon. There were lots of new rules he had to tell us about...the whistle on the playground probably stuck best with him. hahahaha!! He's doing great with his school work and is even a little ahead of the game...which shocks us because we considered holding him back due to his test scores at the end of preschool. It's amazing what a summer can do. We are looking forward to watching him grow this year and enjoying all these new experiences with him.

Peyton and Shelby on Friday.
This is Friday....he thought it was waaaay cool that he can wear a belt like daddy and Pop. Hearing how he managed in the bathroom was a riot! hahaha!
First day of school in his brand new classroom!
We were soooo late the first day...traffic was unbelievable. I had to stop for a picture outside of school though...just one and unfortunately he has weird eyes.
So excited for his first day!

He's so stinkin' cute.