Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day has come and gone and yes I know...I'm finally writing about it! Peyton had a GREAT day. It was pajama day at school and he really enjoyed that. It was nice to get up and not have to rush to get ready for the day....we both showed up in our pj's and it was great! The teachers had gotten all the Mommies candles, bubble bath and chocolate so we could enjoy our time without the little ones. I thought that was so sweet. At lunch I went back to school to help out with the Valentine party. It was so cute to see all the little ones having lunch together....I would bet money that this is the only time the children eat quietly....I know thats true for Peyton anyways. I wanted to know who that child was and what did they do with my baby! It's so good to know that he behaves at school though. It was so fun playing with all of Peyton's friends. There was one little boy that apparently thought I was his mommy because he kept calling me Mommy the whole time I was there...he was so cute! Peyton got super jealous though because the little boy sat in my lap the whole time and Peyton is sure that my lap belongs only to him. We worked it out though. Now maybe it's only me, but I was totally shocked to see that everyone brought Valentines for 18 month olds....everyone except me!! Yes I'm a horrible mother but honestly it never occured to me that we would bring candy for 18 month olds. I felt SO BAD and I can guarantee it will never happen again, but really....who gives peppermints to an 18 month old. Thats of the parents, whose child is Peytons age!, put peppermints in a goody bag. Totally blows my mind but whatever. After valentines day we went to Bossier for a long visit. We had a great time and both sets of grandparents got a good fix. Tomorrow we go for Peyton's 18 month check up...can't wait to expose him to all these sickly kids just for a check up. Say a prayer we stay healthy since we're on a pretty good streak right now. Tuesday we're heading back to Bossier for Sesame Street Live (woohoo) and the Michael Buble concert. I can't wait!! Well, this post has become random and lengthy so I must go. Have a great ending week!!

Peyton having lunch at school

Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess who turned 18 months old on Sunday?

PEYTON! yea! So it's been forever since I've posted, but I promise to try and do better. I have no excuse except that this little guy keeps me busy. If we're not playing outside, going to "school" or playing ball, then we're watching Elmo....It's Peyton's newest obsession and he'll cry until you finally give in and turn it on. I feel like a horrible mother by plopping my 18 month old son in front of "Nelno" as he calls it, but I can't bear to hear him be so upset over something so trivial. So we watch "Nelno" for the 8th time in a day. I think it's finally starting to wear on him and we're moving back to playing any kind of ball again. He has a whole new repitoire of words....not that I can prove it because the video I had of him saying them somehow didn't download and got deleted. I was so upset because it took all night to get him to say them and now we must try again. oh well....a few of his new words are: Elmo, dog...which sounds like dawg no doubt, shoe, he now says daddy instead of dada, in a cow says "moo"....he also thinks that is the funniest sound ever, bye, cheese, Mamaw (Lisa's grandmother), he now says Abu instead of Ab-Ab for Abby and the newest one is Hola..spanish for Hello. Whew!! thats a lot of new words and I never really realize all of them until I write them out. Thursday he has Valentine's Day party at school....we're bringing cupcakes! The kids have done something special for the Mommies so I'm anxious to see what I get! Anyways, sorry for no video again tonight. I promise to get some loaded in the near future. I'll leave you with a few pictures of the little guy. Love to all!!

This is Peyton one year ago!! My how he's changed!