Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crawfish season may be off to a bad start, but....

My Mom and Dad have them swimming in their pool!! We should have boiled him up, but we let him go free. I just saw today that the price of crawfish is between $5 and $6 a pound. I don't think I've ever seen it that expensive. So sad...hopefully it'll come down soon because Brad can eat a good 10 pounds by himself.

What is that thing Paw?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Valentine

Today was Peyton's Valentine's Day Party at school. He enjoyed this party much more than the Christmas party...thankfully! He was equally excited with every goody bag he got...even though he had no idea what was in them. He still hasn't realized that they're full of candy. I decided to withhold that stash since during the party he managed to eat 2 cupcakes, 1 cookie, a bag of chips, part of a jelly sandwich and 3 juice boxes. It was a great party even though I'm freaking out over all the sugar he had. Seriously...couldn't we have something other than jelly sandwiches? Oh well...it's only once in a blue moon I guess. So now here it is 3:30 and he STILL has not gone down for nap. We've played outside, done art projects and now are watching Ice Age 2. It's just too much sugar for one day I guess! Enjoy the pictures!

Cheesing it up for the camera!
Collecting his loot

Working on his first cupcake

Admiring his goodies he brought for his friends

Another one of him with his bag before school.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who really cares?

I just read an article on Foxnews.com about a ride at DisneyLand in California. They apparently have decided to update the "Small World" ride and add some recent Disney Characters to the mix. Good. Great. Why is it causing so much controversy? Why would anyone be so annoyed at a company for doing a little updating. I mean I get it...cherish the old, classic and traditional...I get it. But have you ever been on the Small World ride? It might possibly be the creepiest ride ever. I don't hate it...it's just creepy. I believe Peyton felt the same way because his expression during that ride was priceless...."Mom, Dad...what the heck is this?" If they added some characters he knew, maybe he would have enjoyed it a little more. After all, Disney is all about marketing to the kids so that their parents have to buy them hundreds of dollars worth of souvenirs and toys. Who can tell their kid no at Disneyland? Anyways, just thought this was a fitting story since we just came off of a 7 day trip to the Happiest Place On Earth. Get over it people...the ride is creepy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have a Magical Day!

We're FINALLY back from our 7 day Disney World vacation. All I can say is.."whew." We had an absolute blast and while I thought the 7 days was going to be way to long for the little guy, it was just enough. I can't even begin to tell you how good he was in the car coming and going....I really expected it to be a nightmare. It did help that on the way to Orlando, he rode with Nana and Pop about half of the way....they would never really tell us the truth about if he was good or bad either...he's always good in the eyes of a grandparent! ha! We dreaded coming home remembering the last time we made that drive, Peyton was 8 months old and had his first stomach bug....not a pleasant trip. This trip proved to be totally different and he did great. Everyday at the parks he was for the most part adaptable. He took naps in his stroller when he got tired and surprisingly actually wanted to ride in his stroller as opposed to walking....that was a huge shocker for me. Now he did have his moments where he wanted to walk and that usually ended in tears because he's not the best listener. He wouldn't wear his "leash" and I was petrified I'd lose him. All in all it was a successful trip. Peyton had even more fun at the parks than I expected. He seemed star struck at ever character and was obsessed with riding trains and carousels. Animal Kingdom was by far my favorite and I was totally shocked to find Peyton sound asleep on the safari. I woke him up for the elephants because he had asked for 2 days to see "bumbo". On our last day there we took Peyton to Disney Hollywood Studios. What a dream come true for him. He got to meet his idols....The Incredibles and Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. He was completely star struck with both, but I think Buzz and Woody were his favorites. After he met them and had his picture taken he plastered himself to the window and just watched them. It was so sweet. Anyways, I could write all day about how much fun we had with Nana, Pop, Amy, Josh and of course, sweet Abby (she kept us entertained!). I know you all came here for the pictures so here we go. Grab a comfy place to sit!!

Peyton does not watch "JoJo's Circus" but he REALLY wanted to see that Lion
Monsters Inc!

I think his smile says it all
He could not take his eyes off of Mr. Incredible

Mickey or as Peyton calls him "toodles"

Can you tell what our ears say? Peyton, Daddy and Mommy!

Disney Hollywood Studios with our ears! This was our only cold and rainy day

Peyton at Margarittaville....cool hat huh?

Pirate Parrot Peyton

His very first "drink"! Not really but they made it look pretty

Look at this face!! I think he might have been tired of me taking pictures

Riding the train with Nana and Pop

One of the few pictures of just me and Peyton

Ok the next 2 pictures are from the Safari...I had to put them on here just so you could see how close we were to the animals...nothing was separating us!

Peyton LOVES the Jungle Book

Animal Kingdom

This was at Sea World...he would not take his sunglasses off that day

After playing in the sand box at Sea World...they were rinsing off

Some random character at Sea World...he is definitely not intimidated by characters

Not happy we were leaving the hotel...we had this giant Roger Rabbit by our room and everyday he wanted to play with it....and always mad when we had to leave

The famous $10 balloon from Magic Kingdom...we got the Monday and it's STILL inflated people!

On the train!

Riding the race cars with Daddy

Time for an icee break

This is from our Character Dining lunch...he got to see Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet..or as he calls him.."Piggy". For some reason this is the only picture I have :-(

Would you look at that mess!! Mac and Cheese baby..it's his favorite, but we needed a wardrobe change after this.

This is for you Paw...ALWAYS stopped to smell the "roses"!!


How sweet are they?

This is when we first got to Magic Kingdom on our first day...if you know Peyton you know that the hands in the mouth is out of uncertainty. He does that when he's nervous..it didn't last long.