Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just to see you smile

Yesterday we went to's a festival Hattiesburg has every year, but this year they were celebrating the Burg's 125th anniversary. There were A LOT of people there and it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. Our adventure ended sour when we bought a $3 completely burnt hot dog. I was so mad not to mention I had a small panic attack because of all the people. Just not a good day for Lisa. Peyton made up for it when he turned to me, gave me the biggest smile you ever saw and a bear hug. I guess he knew I needed it.

Last weekend was so beautiful. We spent the whole weekend outside..which was a good thing because we had some pretty nasty storms this past week. Some of you may have seen Magee Mississippi on t.v. this week. They had an F-3 tornado touch down...Magee is about 45 minutes north of us. We had 3 nights of tornadoes and rain, but thankfully all is well now. Hopefully this next week will be uneventful although I see it's suppose to rain again Tuesday...which is the day we're suppose to get our new counter tops!! Guess we'll see.
Peyton working on his golf's unique for sure!

The family taking cover!! Guess Daddy thought it would be more fun to take pictures of us.

So hopefully next week I'll have some pictures up from our brand new kitchen and bathrooms! We're just finishing up painting the bathroom..I'm pooped. But I know the payoff will be great when we get our new counter tops. Have a great Sunday!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just because he's feeling better!

Peyton is finally back to a normal more sickness! yea! It didn't take him too long to recover and his cough is just about completely gone. So I have just these random pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Peyton completely passed out after school today!

"Driving" Daddy's new lawn mower

Typical boy...gotta read while he potties...or at least tries to potty

Who could resist this face?!! He had just licked a container of pudding completely clean...this was major controversy at our house last night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Where do I even start? The last few weeks have been complete craziness at our house. Really just the last few days, but it feels like the last few days have taken weeks...if that even makes sense. To start off, 2 weekends ago Nana and Pop came down to stay with Peyton so Brad and I could go to Biloxi. We had a GREAT time and had the best sushi I've ever had in my life. Total hole in the wall place called Chef Scott's in Ocean Springs...if you're ever down there try it's famous!! We met up with our friends Erin and Russ whom we NEVER get to see, so it was nice to hang out with them and do a little gambling. And let me just say that I am 30 years old and that weekend was the first time I EVER sat down at a black jack table. It was an experience, but I managed to make $40 last almost 2 hours. I was proud that I outlasted everyone..even if I didn't technically win. We stayed out way too late and probably had more than enough beer, but it was the relief we both needed...especially since we had no idea what this week was going to bring us. Did I mention that we went to Biloxi to celebrate our 9th anniversary? 9 years people!!! Our actual anniversary was this past Wednesday, but we take the babysitters when we can them ok. So to start this week off....Peyton started with somewhat of a cough on Monday. Nothing major and it didn't seem to bother him much. He had a long night Monday with a few coughing fits and ended up sleeping until 9:00 Tuesday morning...very unlike him. Needless to say he missed school b/c we overslept. It was probably for the best because by Tuesday afternoon he had a fever. Over the next 24 hours he just got progressively worse. Yesterday I tried getting him into the Dr. but of course they were booked. So we spent our actual anniversary exhausted from being up with a sickling all night and day...we had a gourmet dinner made of store bought sushi...yum. Good thing we had already celebrated. By last night Peyton had been running 103.3 degree fever. Thankfully we got him into the Dr. today and here's the verdict....he technically has bronchitis, BUT the Dr. felt like we were on the verge of pneumonia...he doesn't have pneumonia, but if this doesn't clear up we could be looking at it progressing. :-( He's on heavy antibiotics and we're on the watch and see path. If he doesn't start improving in 24 hours we have to bring him back in. As of right now, I would say he's on the mend. Tonight he had a lot more energy and his fever has stayed below 101. He's still not eating, but he is staying hydrated. So I'm basically going on very little sleep this week...getting up at least every hour to check on my man, and I do believe I'm getting delirious. On top of all that we're having some issues with a storage building we're having built. As my brother would say....stick with me and you'll see the dark cloud that always follows. ha! Tomorrow is Friday and we were suppose to go to Bossier for the weekend....obviously that won't be happening. Hopefully the weekend will bring no drama and a healthy baby boy!! So thats it...I'll be sure to keep you all posted as we pray our little man gets over this crud soon!

This is a very random picture, but I thought it was worth posting. Hayden is a friend of Peyton's from school...they had a play date in December and had a you can tell by Peyton's cheesy grin. Hayden got really sick right after Christmas...with pneumonia of all things....and we haven't been able to play since. He had a long battle, but it looks like he's on the mend. We miss you Hayden, get well soon!!