Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Spring is officially here!! I think I've said that already, but it's worth saying again. After spending 3 days in cold New York it was nice to get home to the good ole south. Last week I bought Peyton an Elmo sprinkler. Today it was warm enough to try it out! He was cautious at first, but warmed up pretty quickly. All I can say is Maw and Paw better watch out this summer because I'm certain I have a water lover and their pool is just his size! ha! Please notice that Peyton is modeling is oh so cute swim suit that Nana got for him.

Those who know Peyton knows he's a counter this days...this is a pic of him counting to 2.

Not sure what happened to his head in this one!

Do you have the energy?

So I attemepted again to video Peyton saying some of his luck. However I did manage to video him on a typical night at our question you have the energy??

Friday, April 4, 2008

We're baaack!

We're back, we had a GREAT time, our flight was delayed, we almost missed our connecting that we already had to change and we didn't get our luggage until 7:00pm the next day. Thats the short version :-) If you're so interested in the long one, feel free to call me!! We really did have a great time...I missed my little man tremendously though. I'm glad that we got our "girls" trip, but I think next time we'll have to bring the whole family!! I know Peyton had a great time with Nana and Pop...he slept for like 3 day after they left!! Thats always a sure sign he had a good time. Not much else to post....for all you Peyton watchers there are unfortunately no pictures to post today...I'll have to get with Nana to get those pictures. I'll work on getting some new ones this weekend!! These pictures I've posted are of us in New York. You'll notice Mom and I with 2 famous people in the second picture! We got to go to Good Morning America Friday morning and the hosts are nice enough to stay after and take pictures with you...AWESOME! The last picture is the view from our hotel's Central Park people!