Monday, January 21, 2008

Football disappointments and.....SNOW?

Yes snowed in the deep south...and we missed it! This past weekend we headed to Bossier for one of my good friend's 30th birthday, and while we were having a fun, baby free night....hattiesburg received between 1 and 2 inches of snow! It did snow in Bossier...for a good 2-3 hours, but the temperature wasn't cold enough for it to stick. By the time the storm moved into Mississippi, the temperature had dropped and it stuck down here. On our way back down on Sunday, we saw snow on the side of the road as well as a few tiny cute. It was very odd to drive SOUTH to see snow. All that know us know that we lived in Kansas for 2 years so we have seen our share of was a big reason why we hated living there. Growing up in the south, snow has always been a huge excitement so when we moved up there and everyone was so just like whatever about crushed my snow spirit. But I'm happy to say that I can once again be excited about seeing it snow, because I know that by noon the next day, it will all be melted!!

Paw and Peyton in the snow in Bossier

Peyton all bundled up for cold weather...yes he wore that hat last year

In other news....these last few weeks have been a huge let down for our little family. The Cowboys lost their playoff game....yes you can all take a moment of silence and pray that my husband will recover. Peyton got into the game also and in the very end when Brad threw his hat at the t.v., Peyton didn't miss a beat telling his daddy "UH OH". It was priceless. This past sunday ended with more disappointment when our "backup" team lost.....Green Bay couldn't pull it off in overtime. So now we're having this big super bowl party and we don't really even care to watch it!! Our little family will still put on our Dallas Cowboy jerseys and hope that next year will be a better year. We're already planning on going to at least one game since it will be the last year they will play in Texas Stadium....Peyton has to experience at least one game there...even if he won't remember it.

The fam in our Cowboy gear

This picture is just for fun...Peyton is wearing his train conductor hat and scarf...this was the only split second he would keep it on for a picture.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where do I start?

I guess not too terribly much has happened since my last post. Peyton is over strep...thank goodness. He's always so good when he's sick....thats part of the sometimes don't know when he's even sick! This week he started back at Mom's Day Out or as he calls it "dool" (meaning school). I just knew he was going to be excited to go back, but for the first time since he started school...he cried. :-( It didn't help that I forgot his pacifier and his wooby (his blanket). I brought his blanket back to him because I knew he'd never make it through the day, but he totally lost it when he saw me. He made it through the day though and we're praying tomorrow is better. Brad and I also got to make up for our lost "baby free" weekend. Mom met us in Vicksburg last friday to take the little guy for the weekend. We missed him terribly, but enjoyed our weekend immensely!! We got to eat meals in peace and even got to see a movie! It was awesome as we had forgotten what it was like before baby. While we definitely enjoy going out on our own, we both concluded that we wouldn't trade these days for anything! I felt lost most of the weekend without him so it was nice to get my little man back on sunday. A few new things Peyton is doing....he's learned how to eat a banana by himself and he can eat a sandwich cut into triangles. He's so big. He can also say "pat" and "brat" (thanks a lot Uncle D!). He consistently calls for Paw when you ask Pepper if she needs to go potty or if animals are on t.v. Not sure what thats all about, but at least we know Paw is on his mind! He tries to put his shoes on himself...unsuccessfully, and is also trying to say "shoe" which sounds like "dool" which means "school". Very confusing. He also learned how to put together a bookshelf last week...he helped Dad put his together and did a great job. Now he has a beautiful shelf to put all his wonderful books on that we have to read 100 times a day. It's great. That about wraps it up. I'll leave you with A LOT of random pictures. Enjoy!!

I can eat a banana all by myself
LSU won!!

Peyton likes to play hide-n-go-seek....this is his hiding place

Dad...this piece goes right here!

Yep Mom...building bookshelves is Man work

It's the funniest thing....the spaghetti just threw itself at my face!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Grab some's gonna be a long post!

Happy new year!! So this post is long overdue, but i always say better late than never. We had an awesome always....but so much more fun now that Peyton is into presents. Once he figured out that after you rip the paper you're suppose to say "awww" he totally got into it. So cute. We had a great time visiting with family and watching Peyton play with his cousins. I can already see that he's going to be the "tag along" cousin because he LOVES playing with Piper and just waits for her to pretty much do anything he can laugh at. Anywhere she goes...he goes. It's sweet and fortunately Piper loves being with him as much as he with her. They'll be best friends I'm sure. Abby was as sweet as ever, too. She's growing so fast and Peyton loves to look at her and show her where her eyes, nose and mouth are. I don't think she enjoys being shown these things so much, but she humors him. We're still working on "be sweet to the baby" but for some reason he still feels the need to whop her one every now and then. Can't wait till she whops him back!! We all were spoiled tremendously and as the many pictures would give away, I got an awesome new camera. I love it and can't wait to take more pictures!! Peyton was spoiled rotten getting a new tricycle, rocking horse and a riding lawn mower among MANY other things. We finally made it home on Friday.....unfortunately with the baby. Ok so that sounded bad, but he was suppose to stay with Maw and Paw in Bossier for a few days. Thursday, as we were literally walking out the door, I realized that Peyton felt warm after his nap. Yep, he had a fever....a very high fever. So against everything I believe in, I took him to quick care in Bossier. Anyone who knows me knows that I despise any kind of quick care because he was misdiagnosed twice for ear infections. Anyways, the Dr. said it was a virus...yeah right. By friday morning he was still running a fever and would not eat. So my mom and my brother packed us up and brought us to Hattiesburg. (brad had already left b/c he went on call thursday night) Saturday morning Peyton was still running a high fever and started shaking really bad when his fever would spike. We took him to OUR pediatrician, he was tested for strep and we found out sunday that the test came back positive. So now we can make that the 3rd time quick care misdiagnosed. He's doing much better now I'm happy to say and I'm so thankful that our pediatric clinic is open on weekends. So that pretty much sums up our Christmas vacation. We've spent he last few days being lazy and getting the baby well. Tomorrow is back to reality, but we've enjoyed it while it lasted. Hope everyone had a great New Year and don't make any resolutions you can't keep....I resolve to have no resolutions :-)
Enjoy these pictures...sorry for so many!!

Peyton loved Maw and Paw's snowman

His new's a Clydesdale

Our little cowboy
You want me to do WHAT?

Abby and Peyton

Pepper is so funny

Christmas morning at the Hoeflers