Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Star Student of the Week!

This week Peyton is the super star student of the week at school. Those of you who know will find the irony in that considering what happened last week at school. ha! Those of you who don't know....lets just say there was a full moon out at school last week....and we can all thank Peyton for it. :-) He's going to make a great teenager. So this week at school it's all about Peyton. We had to make a poster with pictures of his family and favorite things to do....sorry to the family and friends who didn't make the poster...we either didn't have a picture (Josie!!) or it was a tough pick between you and the giant fish he caught. :-) Give him a break..he's 4. Tomorrow I'm bringing his favorite snack...batman cupcakes of course. Wednesday, Brad is going to read a book to his class....Peyton prayed about that one in the car last week. It was BEYOND sweet. Peyton is trying to convince me to let him wear his superman costume to school for Thursday...that one is going to require a phone call to his teacher. hahaha And I haven't decided what we'll do for Friday. All week he gets to be "the leader" 4 thats a huge deal you know. When asked..."Peyton what did you do at school today"...he's quick to answer "I got to be the leader." It's gonna blow his mind tomorrow when he gets to do it again tomorrow. In other news, Miss Shelby is officially a scooter. She gets extremely frustrated when she can't where she wants to go fast so I have no doubt she'll figure out the crawling thing fast. Pictures of her to come it's all about Peyton!

After helping me with the cupcakes...he literally had chocolate from ear to ear and elbow to hand. It was great.

Homemade Batman Cupcakes!!
Peyton with his poster...he really made this with little help from us. He picked all the pictures and told me what to write under each one. And he wrote his name too!!