Saturday, August 13, 2011

Turning 5 and Kindergarten?!!!

5 years old...thats how old my baby is. I don't like all. He still seems so small to me, but he certainly has a big personality. We could not have asked for a more entertaining, sweet and loving little boy. He is EVERYTHING we could've ever hoped for. Happy 5th Birthday sweet little man!!! We celebrated at Olympic Warrior Peyton's request. I love that he can actually have an opinion about this stuff now. The kids had a great time and Olympic Warrior did a fantastic job.

Love this...they were all throwing blocks and yelling happy birthday Peyton!
Yes she was there too.....not sure how much she liked it though.
So Peyton was convinced that THIS year Spiderman would come to his party. He prayed real hard about it, too. hahahaha! Well...I guess his prayers were answered because looked who showed up..

This is when Peyton found Spiderman...the look on his face is priceless.
As were were driving home that afternoon Peyton said to me.."see Mommy..I TOLD you Spiderman would come." Best.Mom and Dad.of.the.year.

Now the biggest event of the week. Peyton started Kindergarten. Not even possible to me. The week went fantastic...he loves his teacher and is making new friends everyday...although he can't tell you any of their names. ha! The first day he had lots to tell us and never stopped from the time he got into the car until he crashed around 5:00 that afternoon. There were lots of new rules he had to tell us about...the whistle on the playground probably stuck best with him. hahahaha!! He's doing great with his school work and is even a little ahead of the game...which shocks us because we considered holding him back due to his test scores at the end of preschool. It's amazing what a summer can do. We are looking forward to watching him grow this year and enjoying all these new experiences with him.

Peyton and Shelby on Friday.
This is Friday....he thought it was waaaay cool that he can wear a belt like daddy and Pop. Hearing how he managed in the bathroom was a riot! hahaha!
First day of school in his brand new classroom!
We were soooo late the first day...traffic was unbelievable. I had to stop for a picture outside of school though...just one and unfortunately he has weird eyes.
So excited for his first day!

He's so stinkin' cute.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No excuses

I have no excuse. Updating has been non-existent and it ends today. Peyton turned 5 and started kindergarten on the 10th. Shelby is now 18 months and I'm wondering....where did all the time go for both of my kiddos. This year has been an incredibly busy year, but we have enjoyed every second we've spent with these two joys. I honestly cannot even imagine a day without boring would life be. So Peyton has grown up overnight....turning 5 and starting kindergarten all in one day. He announced over the weekend that when he turns 5 he will get a job....the search is still on for that as he told me tonight he has to get taller. Guess I'll let him slide for awhile longer. Shelby is learning something new every single day and blows my mind with her intelligence. She just "gets" it...all. Watching her and Peyton play is probably the highlight of my day. She definitely misses brother when he's not around, but she completely takes advantage of having Mommy's full do I. So the main reason anyone ever gets on here is to look at pictures. I'm going to attempt to catch you all up...all the way from January. HA!!! wish me luck.

On the trolley with Piper in New Orleans a few weekends ago. We had a blast!

Piper's first beignet at Cafe Du Monde
Spiderman would not eat as it might mess up his "make up"

4th of July in Rosemary Beach with Abby. These kiddos had a fantastic time.

Sweet cousins
Shelby figured out very quickly how to relax by the pool this summer.

Peyton's last t-ball game...he was extremely proud of his trophy

Shelby cheering for Bubba.
Peyton turned out to be a GREAT ball player.

The last day of preschool (insert tears) Pictures of his first day of Kindergarten will come soon...promise!
Had to throw in a little NYC. I was able to get away for a few days with my cousin...AWESOME.TRIP.
Me and Peyt at preschool for their Mother's Day presentation. I love this kid.

Singing "you are my sunshine" Best gift ever.

Bubble fun!!!

We spent Easter in Houston this year. We had lots of egg hunts and enjoyed some family time.

Easter party at school.
Peyton's very first t-ball game.

This say she's into everything is the understatement of the year. She keeps us on our toes.

Found her on top of Peyt's train table this day....she frequents it often now. :-)
Daddy found a turtle at work...he brought it home for Peyton to see. Thank God Peyton wanted to walk it down to one of the lakes in our neighborhood to set it free. I just knew we had inherited another pet.
One of these days Shelby will figure out to make this thing go on her own...she seems pretty content having us all push her though. She has the princess thing down pat!
We do exist!! We celebrated 11 years in Vegas....kid free. Definitely missed the babies, but we had a great time.
My hunk-a-hunk of burnin' love.
No words.

Valentines day at school!
Great story for this, but unfortunately you can't see the damage. We took Peyton and Piper to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas right after Shelby's birthday. He slipped and busted his chin open. It would've required several stitches, but thankfully they just glued it back together. He got a free wolf out of it...I guess thats the silver lining?
100th day of school!

Now I have LOTS of pictures from Shelby's first birthday....we had a professional at her party. But unfortunately the files are too big to put on here. Hopefully I'll be able to get one on here...eventually!