Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh No! The big 3-0!

I should have posted this yesterday, but I was in too much denial to write! ha! Yesterday I (Lisa) turned 30. Sad isn't it? I don't feel it. Of course I'm not really sure how you're suppose to feel when you turn 30...whats the standard there? I do know that I don't feel like I did 10 years ago and I DEFINITELY can't wear ANY of the clothes I wore 10 years ago. I have Mom body....thats my new word...Mom Body. So since my birthday was on a Monday, I celebrated with Peyton and Brad on Sunday. We had breakfast at IHOP and then took a bike ride on the Longleaf Trace. Mom and Dad got the whole family bikes...it was wonderful. I only wish the cool weather had moved in on Sunday! It was hot. Peyton really enjoyed riding in his "trailer". He saw a turtle among other things....thats the first time he's ever seen a real turtle up close though. After lunch, Peyton and I totally crashed....it's that 30 year old thing. I was exhausted and it was much needed. I did feel a bit guilty though because Brad did yard work instead of napping....he's an over achiever though so the guilt only lasted long enough for my eye lids to close. Yesterday I had lunch with my good friend Erin at the Mexican restaurant....so sad I could not have a margarita. (I know mom...it's a sin!) Since it was the middle of the day and I was driving with my 2 year old in the car I figured I should pass on the margarita. We picked up some dinner my Mom had ordered for us and then it was home for nap time. Peyton fought me awhile on nap, but he finally gave in. Last night was a total dud....it was Monday night..as in Monday night football. And the Cowboys were playing so you do the math. It was a great birthday though and I'm glad it's over!

Peyton helping daddy...he totally put the hat on himself!

The turtle
My birthday cookies...thanks Mom!
Ready for a test ride
Testing out the bike on our street
Birthday sugar!
Pancakes are yummy
My fabulous pink bike

This morning before school...it was 65 degrees here! woohoo!!

Where did that truck go?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I forgot to mention....

Peyton's pics from his birthday party are posted!! They are super sweet and totally capture his excitement of the day. If you're interested, click on the link below! The password is Hoefler.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Where have we been?

We've been missing for a little while...I know. We made it home safe and soundly DURING the hurricane....yep I said during. We got a lot of wind and rain, but our trip home wasn't too bad. We only had a few days here in Hattiesburg before we left for Gulf Shores. We were so happy to that the hurricane had mercy on us and allowed us to go on our trip!! Thursday morning we kissed the little guy good bye, wished Nana and Pop luck and headed off with our friends Meredith and Cody. Our condo was awesome and the weather was beautiful! We spent most of our time just hanging out on the beach...which was wonderful because our last beach trip was moderated by a 2 year old. ha! Friday was spent all day at the beach and Saturday the guys went on a fishing trip. They had a blast and because of the hurricane, the fish were biting! Their trip was 4 hours and they never put down their poles. Needless to say we have some yummy Red Snapper and Red Fish to cook up this week. Meredith and I tried to get a little shopping done before they got back...it's amazing how much a person can buy even in a time crunch! ha! Then we napped and headed back to the beach. Sadly, we got a call Saturday evening that Peyton was running a fever. We knew he was in good hands so we waited until our original Sunday departure to head home. We're very lucky to have friends that understood our feeling of urgency to get home and we left by 9:00 a.m. It was sad to leave, but we had an AWESOME time. It's not often we get to spend an hour with our friends, let alone a whole 4 days! It was much needed. Peyton was still running a fever sunday so this morning I took him to the Dr. He has hand, foot and mouth disease!! Can I get a YUCK?!!! He has these little blisters all over his mouth and one on his hand. He's very contagious so we're pretty much just sticking around the house for the next few days. His fever seems to have gone away and his spirits are up...lets just hope these yucky blisters go away soon. Anyways, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our trip!

In front of Souviner City...Lori this is for you!
The boys' big catch
Brad with "Walter"

Notice Brad's lucky "fishing" shirt!
My best friend Meredith!
Me and Mer on our balcony

Our sweet sand crab we caught