Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random fun

So far this year we have not made it to the "pumpin" patch. So sad because we've gone the last 2 years with Peyton. We had plans to take him this past weekend with Maw and Piper, but Maw got sick and had to cancel her trip....which meant Peyton wanted nothing to do with pumpkin patch. ha!! We were actually shocked Saturday morning when we all got up early and Peyton informed us he wanted to "stay at his house"...but we were more than happy to hang out and be lazy. Maybe we'll get to go this weekend with Nana and Pop, but rain is predicted for Friday and there is no way this family will be tracking through the mud just to get a pumpkin. We'll see. For now our lives have been pretty low key...guess we're saving up for the arrival of baby Shelby! We have been working on her room this week and finally making some progress. I can't wait to see the finished project. All is going well with baby and so far I've had no problems. I'm still seeing either my heart Dr. or baby Dr. every 2 weeks...which is getting old, but is keeping me healthy so I'll do what it takes. Thats about all thats happening here!! I'll leave you with some random pictures of the last few weeks!

Peyton was wearing his bat hat when I picked him up from school today.
Peyton ready for the Cowboys game!

Peyton holding baby Cameron...he's going to be such a good big brother!

There are no words.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peyton's big boy bed

Wow! I managed to somewhat catch up today. If this is the first post you're reading be sure to scroll down...I made a lot today!!
Last weekend we decided that it was time for Peyton to transfer to his full size bed. He hasn't been sleeping well in his toddler bed and well....we could use that mattress for Shelby! ha! He helped us put it together which sadly I have no pictures of. It was so exciting for him. Needless to say we have had no problems whatsoever getting him adjusted to sleeping in the big bed. He's sleeping until 8:00 again and not waking up at all in the night...I mean not even once. And the days of him crying to sleep with us are gone. Guess he just wanted some space. So far every transition we have made with Peyton has been easy breezy....now if we could just get rid of the paci. (I know....he's 3...don't judge me!)

This was really funny. Peyton insisted on getting a picture with Daddy before bed...he had to pose the exact same way as his dad. He studied his legs and then positioned himself for a "cheese!" Awesome.
Peyton tackling daddy

This is part of his nightly routine. He and Daddy get in their football stance and then tackle each other.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

We had so much fun with the little guy in Gulf Shores. The reality is that was the first trip we have taken just the 3 of us and probably the last before Shelby comes. It was awesome being able to give him our undivided attention and I think he enjoyed it just as much!

This has nothing to do with the beach. Peyton helped me make Monkey Munch the other day and was very proud to show it off.

Peyton buried in the sand.

Midnight snack time!!! Nothing like a powdered donut before bed..hey..we were on vacation.

He honestly tried very hard to get sand on every inch of his body.

Practicing his surfing skills?

Screaming because the water was getting close...this was his favorite thing to do.

And this was his 2nd favorite...he loved for Brad to pick him up fast when a wave would come in...pretty sure the whole beach could hear him squeal.

Wasting no time getting started...we had not even put the tent up yet.

This is the life!

First Day of School

Peyton started his first day of 3 yr old preschool shortly after his birthday. So far he is doing really well and LOVES his teacher. He no longer cries when I drop him off and is a chatter box the whole way home. I'm so thankful that we have a great place to take him that he loves. His speech is getting better everyday and every week he learns a new letter that he is anxious to tell us about...all week! hahaha

My handsome 3 yr old before the 1st day of school
They made these hats while the parents were in a meeting...he was very interested in those scissors...probably because he's not allowed to use them at our house!! hahaha
Probably should be working with him a bit on how to use scissors....he had no clue.

They were to bring their favorite teddy bear on the 1st day...of course Peyton had to bring Woody instead of a stinkin' teddy bear. All the kids thought he was way cool.

Finally fixed!!!

Brad spent some time yesterday making room on my computer. I can proudly say I can post pictures again. So for now I'm just going to try and catch up the last few months.
The morning of Peyton's Birthday we took him to Strawn's...his favorite breakfast place in Bossier.
The family and Peyton's first baseball game...The Shreveport Captains.

Poor Piper had to share her ice cream with a 3 yr old who refused to use a spoon.
Pizza's good!

Sunday after his party...having lunch with Nana, Pop, Abby, Amy and Josh

These next two pictures are priceless...these two should have been brother and sister.

Sorry Abby....but we love your reaction to Peyton winning that battle!

Do you see a pattern here?

Peyton getting ready to jump in
I have to stop there with his birthday...literally I think I have almost 1000 pictures total and there is no way I could post all of my favorites.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Big boy beds and other fun things

Here is my plea to my computer savvy husband....please fix the memory on my computer!!! This is why I have not posted pictures on the blog in like a million years. I'm completely out of memory on my computer and at this point it won't even let me view pics off of my camera. So Brad if you're reading....fix it!!!

On to more fun things. I still need to finish posting pictures from Peyton's party and hopefully that will come soon. Since then we've had some fun and exciting things happen. I celebrated my 31st birthday on Sept. 15th and got the ultimate birthday present. We had an ultrasound bright and early that morning and found out Peyton will have a little sister!! Still can't believe it. After lots and lots of discussions we've finally decided on our precious little girl's name...Shelby Leigh. She and Peyton will share the same middle name, but will be spelled differently. We're beyond thrilled and I'm so looking forward to getting her nursery done. Peyton is less than excited, but hopefully that will come with time. He recently asked us if he could go back to Disney World to see Mickey..I of course told him sure and this time we can bring his baby sister with us! To that he said "No thanks Mommy, I take Maw." So Maw I guess you won the golden ticket. He then went on to say he wanted to take everyone in the family except baby Shelby. We'll just have to see about that. The weekend after my birthday we headed to Gulf Shores for a quick, but just long enough family vacation. Peyton had a BLAST on the beach...loved everything about playing in the sand....still apprehensive about the ocean. Since then Brad has made a trip to Dallas for a Monday Night football game and Peyton has graduated to a full size bed. He absolutely LOVES his new bed and transitioned with absolutely no problems. Every morning he brags on himself for sleeping all night in his bed. For those who don't know, we had some problems the last few weeks with getting him to sleep in his toddler bed. He was constantly scared of monsters and wanted to get in bed with us. After a few weeks of that we decided he was playing us a bit and decided that maybe he just wasn't comfortable in that small bed. Seems to have been the case, but he's only been in his full size bed for 2 nights. Keep your fingers crossed!! So now our days are full of Dr.'s appts, school and getting ready for baby. With all the holidays between now and Feb. 10th it's going to fly by. Hopefully by the end of this week Brad will have magically fixed my computer and I can add some pictures. Until then....stay patient!!