Monday, May 31, 2010

On a roll...

Peyton had asked us to dig a hole for him...what else would you do in a hole, but a flip?!

This would be the giant school Sting Rays we saw. As you can see they are probably no more than 20 ft off the beach and swimming where we had just been playing. yikes! (insert Peyton's story about the sting ray pushing him...that kid has a HUGE imagination)

The boat.

Ok so maybe she didn't cry the ENTIRE time..but almost.

Peyton and Dad hunting for crabs....gotta have the flashlight.

I think he spotted one here...he particularly liked shining the light in the crab holes...poor crabs.

Complete joy!! Or maybe it was fear...either way he was screaming because Dad caught a crab.

Our Monkey

THIS him!

Did I mention our beach house had a pool? We thoroughly enjoyed that and Shelby took her first dip...of course cried at first, but I think she ended up loving it.

Occasionally Shelby would smile. :-)

Did Shelby have fun at the beach?

I'll let you decide.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Roseberry" Beach

If you ask Peyton where we just went on vacation, he'll tell you.....Roseberry Beach. We actually just returned from our trip to RoseMARY Beach...but hey it's close enough. We had a blast, but I'm concerned now that Peyton thinks we have 2 homes...his "real" house as he calls it and then the beach house. If only we did buddy!! Peyton is DEFINITELY a little beach bum and I'm convinced that he will spend his young adult days working at some random beach doing random things...he loves it that much. He loved getting his toes in the water and building sand castles...although our castles never really turned into castles as he would destroy anything you attempted to build with his trucks. Typical boy. We hunted for crabs at night and Peyton kept us rolling as he would run and squeal every time he saw one. Before we left the beach at night he'd fill their little crab holes and say "good night crab...have a good night." Our last day at the beach Peyton was sitting his inflatable boat and I was sitting under our tent with Shelby when all of a sudden I realize that Brad has pushed Peyton back to shore and everyone is running out to the ocean. As I look towards Brad I see this big black it wasn't a shark (although Peyton will tell you 2 sharks bit him on his toe) it was a school of sting rays. We have gone to this beach for I don't know how long and never have I seen anything that cool. There were at least 100 of them and they were probably no more than 30 ft off the beach. It was unbelievable. When I asked Peyton if he saw them he said "yeah and it pushed me". Someone or something is always pushing or biting him...funny kid. All in all it was a great trip...Shelby behaved exactly as I thought she sleep and always crying. I love my baby girl with all my heart, but she is less than even a decent traveler...complete opposite of her brother. But now worries people....she's either going to have to deal with it or I am because traveling we will not stop! So now that this short story has taken me 4 hours to write I think I'll just end with some pictures. I took over 400...but don't worry...I'll only leave you with a few. Ok Blogger just completely freaked out on me so I'm only post a very few pictures. I'll post more tomorrow. Sorry!

Eating Cheetos on the's an obvious combination.

Of course he had to bring his scooter with us.

He was pulling out a big handful of sand in this one!

And the Oscar goes to.....

Shelby's first trip to the beach...she was less than excited about it.

This pretty much says it all.

So many more cute pics to come.....including some of Shelby! Plus I have some updates on her...stay tuned!

My little 3 will soon be a 4

Peyton had his last day in 3 yr old preschool a few weeks ago. (insert tears) I can't even believe it. We're so thankful for his teacher, speech therapist and even his new little friends for making this past year one we'll always remember. Peyton started the year as a timid toddler who cried literally everyday I dropped him off, but he ended it as an outgoing, class clown who for the most part would ask "when are we going to school." So now we're taking the summer off and next year will be Peyton's last year of preschool. Seriously where did the time go? I'm excited for next year as Peyton will be starting a new school and will be going 5 days a week...Shelby will also be starting Mom's Day Out in August and I will once again have a little time to myself. It's kind of sad to think that my littlest baby will be big enough to start her own "school"...but the sadness is quickly replaced with complete joy when I think about being able to get my hair peace.

Peyton and Mrs. Brittany (for the record, he started the school year calling her Mrs. Fifi...he ended the school year calling her Mrs. Brittany. And THAT is what you call good speech therapy)

My sweet baby boy on his last day of 3 yr preschool

This you can all see why he gets away with murder.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want to ride the "alligator"

So I have no pictures that back up this's just something funny Peyton says every time we go to the gym and get on the ELEVATOR. hahaha I guess they do kind of sound the same. Life has certainly gotten in the way of my ability to blog these days. As we speak I'm neglecting my house, laundry and body since I'm not in the gym this morning. The truth is if I don't sit down and do this while Shelby is sleeping and Peyton is at school, it will most likely never happen. And I know there are a few grandparents and great grandparents out there looking for pictures.

For Mothers Day we took the kiddos to New Orleans. We went to the Aquarium and walked to Cafe Du Monde for beignets..yummy! We had a blast and the kids were SO Mothers Day ever.

Peyton enjoying his first beignet
Me and my babies at Cafe Du Monde

Snowballs by the river...can it get any better than this?! Oh and yes...his face and hands were permanently blue for the rest of the day.

At the Aquarium

I was under Peyton holding him up to see!

But I want to get IN the fish tank! ha!

In the Amazon...I think.

This is when you first walk in...he was talking 100 mph in amazement.

Shelby LOVED looking at the fish...she never fussed as long as you parked her in front of some fish.

Outside of the Aquarium

A few weeks ago Brad and Pop went on their yearly trip to Talladega. This year we had the pleasure of having Nana, Amy and Abby come stay with us while they were gone. We had a BLAST and the kiddos kept us laughing all weekend.

Riding in the jeep...Abby got them stuck in a was too funny..especially since Peyton knows the jeep has a reverse and he told Nana it didn't. ha!

Partners in crime..don't let their sweet smiles fool you!
Love this picture
Abby's expression cracks me up and Peyton's seriousness is ridiculous!

On their Walkie Talkies...which they could never figure out how to work.
This picture pretty much sums up the whole weekend.
and this one.

This picture is for Mamaw...she gave Shelby this blanket and this is how she sleeps with it.
Just a random sweet picture of my princess
I love these kids!

We weren't able to all be home for Easter so the weekend after we all managed to make our way to Bossier and have an Easter Egg hunt. Again these two kept us in stitches.

This was after all our activities that day...he literally passed out sitting up...I love that this kid can sleep anywhere.
My bestie Meredith...she had her son, Cameron, in September..isn't he a cutie?!