Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alligators say..."blah"

So this week was Peyton's official last week of Mom's Day Out! Starting August 12th he will be a preschooler. :-( Ok not really sad because I get a whole extra morning to myself now, but sad because he's growing up. His second birthday is approaching faster than I'd like and a funny thing about time won't slow down. That being said, Tuesday I brought cupcakes for Peyton's class to celebrate his birthday since they will be out for his actual birthday. My first attempt ever at making an Alligator shaped out of was a decent success. It fell apart in places, but all in all it was a good first try! And the kiddies loved it so that's all that really mattered. As I was trying to balance a baking tray with an alligator on it and a hand full of backpack and lunchbox, Peyton decided he no longer wanted to walk down the hall at school...he wanted me to carry him! AHH! Not happening....he proceeded to throw himself on the floor and cry in walking the last 15 feet to his room would kill him. As a teacher walked by I caught myself mumbling...."I couldn't just BUY cupcakes...I had to make this tray full that I can't carry and now you're throwing a fit." At that moment the teacher stopped and said, "but store bought cupcakes don't have the love that you're alligator is filled with." Ok....she was right. But I've decided that I desperately need a cupcake/cake carrier with a handle...then I can juggle all my business. It's these sorts of things new Mom's should register for. You spend a whole day at Target registering for baby bottles, clothes, pacifiers, blankets...all the things you immediately need for a baby. Well here's a hint to all new Mommies....the things you need later on far out weigh the things you need immediately..those things get used for what...6 months? Then you're out buying all the things you never thought cupcake carriers! ha! You learn something new everyday being a's the hardest most rewarding job out there and I would take a day balancing cupcakes, backpacks and a screaming toddler over a day sitting behind a desk any day! Stay tuned for a sappy recap of Peyton's accomplishments over the last will amaze you!!

Here are a few pictures of the infamous alligator cupcake cake

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Days

This weekend has actually been lazy! yea! Ok so maybe not REAL lazy, but lazy by our standards. We got some yard work done Saturday and a little more yard work done Sunday. Basically we just caught up on the things we haven't done from being out of town. It's been a super hot Sunday so far...It's 12:45 and the heat index is well over 100. So the little guy is running around in his diaper and we're just trying to keep cool! I'll leave you with a few pictures of Peyton playing peekaboo.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So lets just start off by saying....if you don't LOVE Peyton, this post is not for you! ha! I have lots of pictures to post from our trip. We had a GREAT time! We're so sad its over. Instead of giving you a detailed account of our trip, I'll just sum it up for ya. We biked 12 miles, we went to the beach everyday, we rode trains, swings, ferris wheels and carousels. We shopped, we ate, the boys golfed, Brad and I got a date night and here is the big shocker....Brad and Lisa the ocean!!! GASP!! So anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty much scared of everything. Friday we got up and went to the beach and it was gorgeous! The water so calm and clear...what better day to try something new! So we rented a kayak for an hour and off we went. We saw jelly fish and was amazing! I was so proud of myself for trying something new...even if it was only for a little while. After about 30 minutes or so, I traded off with Pop and let him enjoy the water. Unfortunately I have zero pictures from that day, but don't worry...Nana and Pop have plenty! I'll hopefully have some up by next week. Anyways, It's late and my mind is scrambling to remember all the fun things we did in Rosemary Beach so I should go. Thanks Nana and Pop for joining us on such a fun vacation...thanks for date night and few hours on the beach alone!! Hope you all enjoy pictures from our trip!

A wet rat or Peyton?
He LOVED playing in the water at the Destin Commons
Hey...we had a giant sprinkler in Rosemary Beach too!
Smile big!!
This kept him entertained for a LONG time...wonder how much it would cost for one at home?
There are no words!
I'll get you Daddy!
Peyton in the ocean for the first time!
Yep....more sprinkler

I love playgrounds!
Kids rock the block party....he had a blast!

If there are balls there...they WILL be found by Peyton!
Getting ready for our bike ride...this thing was awesome!
This was a little burger stand called Piper's! You our niece!
Of course Daddy pulled Peyton!!
Photo Op during bike ride
Nana, Pop and Peyton

Friday, July 18, 2008

Photo Shoot

Wednesday we had an photo shoot with a photographer I found online. She was good..Peyton was not! I think he just got hot and tired and annoyed. Anyways, I was convinced the pictures were going to be horrible, but the few the photographer posted on her blog are wonderful. If you want to check out a sneak peak click here... I have lots to update on, but not right now. We're still playing in Rosemary Beach and I shouldn't even have my computer with me! ha!! Love to everyone!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sneak Peak!

Headed to the beach!
He was rolling in the sand...he LOVES it!

What trip would be complete without a train ride! "tootoo"
So there's your sneak peak! We've only been here since late Sunday and it feels like we've done a weeks worth of stuff. Our beach house is awesome and the weather should be nice the remainder of the week...yea! Yesterday we ate dinner at Margarittaville's...yummy! The wait was quite long because it just opened...hence the train ride. It was so much fun and Peyton ate macaroni and cheese like cookie monster...hey, we're on vacation! ha! It's 7:37 am and I guess I'm going to drag myself out of bed now. I hear Peyton in the kitchen bossing Nana around...I should save her. I'll update again soon!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where are the pictures?

First off let me just say that unfortunately there are no pictures. As I was unloading my pictures off my camera I realized that the only pictures I had from the 4th of July are the ones that my Dad took and lets just say he loves his daughter because they were mostly of me looking beached on a raft in the pool. I'll spare everyone those images because honestly you all just want to see Peyton anyways! We did have a wonderful 4th of July. Peyton and I spent the whole week in Bossier and Brad met up with us on Wednesday night. We basically were pool bums all week. Thursday, Brad and I got some much needed baby free time and took the afternoon to have lunch and do a little shopping. It was fabulous and lets just say a BIG thank you to Maw for allowing us to have some "us" time. Friday the whole family came over to Maw and Paws and we ate and hung out by the pool all day. It was great, relaxing and did I say great? Peyton FINALLY got in the pool and he absolutely loves it now. Our last trip home he did not want to get in at all, but this week it was all he talked about. Our only problem is he prefers to be naked, but I finally got him convinced to at least wear a swim diaper. He officially has his very first tan lines..and they're in the shape of a diaper! ha! It's so cute though and now he looks like a mini me...all tan and curly hair!! I love it. It amazes me that even with SPF 55 he got a tan. I just love it!! Saturday we spent some good time with Nana and Pop before we left on Sunday. It was a wonderful week visiting both sets of grandparents. Now we just have to get unpacked from that week long trip to repack for another week long trip...except this time we go to Rosemary Beach Florida! YEA!!! We've been looking forward to this trip with Nana and Pop since December so needless to say we're ready. We're praying for no hurricanes/tropical storms and hoping to have beautiful weather. And most importantly...hoping Peyton actually likes the sand this year. I figure there's hope since he warmed up to the pool. Well, thats all for tonight. I must get back to my motherly and wifely duties. (are those even words?!) I'll try to get some pictures from Maw and Nana and hopefully have some up for you before we leave. Hugs and Kisses!