Friday, February 11, 2011

Part Two

Reading the kids The Night Before Christmas
Peyton setting out his milk and cookies for Santa....he was extremely concerned that Santa would make a mess when he came down the chimney.
Getting our milk and cookies ready!

Santa Baby!
As you can see Shelby enjoyed eating the wrapping paper..could've cared less what Santa brought her.

Love Peyton's excitement.

Shame Shame Shame

There are no words for why I'm SO SO SO SO behind on blogging. It could be that having two busy kids is the of which is into EVERYTHING these days. It's a full time job just picking up things she could possibly choke on. I don't even know where to begin so I'll just starting posting pictures and maybe I can get "organized". Blogger is TOTALLY ticking me off today. So it's not letting me upload anymore pictures nor did it save any of my work from earlier. So 3 hours later here's what I got:

Peyton and Shelby with their Great Grandma on Christmas Eve
The family Christmas Eve

Christmas with the "Hoeflers"...cousins from left to right....Josie, Abby, Peyton and Shelby. I had these shirts made for them...we unintentionally spelled JAPS with them. ha!
Peyton cracking up because Shelby would not sit still for pictures.

Abby and Josie
Please notice Abby's face in the next 2 pictures...she cracks me up!

The Lewis Lights...if you're in Hattiesburg at Christmas, you must do this.
Me and my cousin Ashley at the Lewis Lights.

Ashley and her family.
The kids before the Lewis Lights...see our sad little tree in the back? It was the best tree EVER.
The kids' version of helping Mom wrap.
PJ day at school!
Peyton coincidentally had PJ day the same day.

The Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas...short trip to catch up on some Peyton time..Shelby stayed with Maw and Paw. Long story short..we had a great time and it ended with a split chin that required dermabond.
Piper and Peyton ready to swim!
The dreaded Jet Ski's that Peyton busted his chin on.

Busted chin = free stuffed wolf...complete with bandage and bandaid...for the wolf.

This is where the kiddos cool!
King Cake cupcakes to celebrate a snow day and the 100th day of school.
One for Mommy and one for Daddy.
Peyton and his cupcake and 100 day hat...ironic that they only got to go half a day since it "snowed."

Brad took Peyton to the Monster Truck race last weekend...I found this pic on my camera. HAHAHAHAHA!! I'm guessing Brad and Peyton were kinda out of place.