Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing catch up

So I'm not a very good blogger these days, but Peyton started preschool this week so I'm hoping that will allow for more time to keep updated. I will post his first day of school, but right now I have to play catch up. Most importantly, Peyton turned 3 August 10th!! Can you believe are little baby is 3? I don't like it...not at all. But I will say that these are some fun days...he's that age where you never know whats going to come out of his's great. He had a great birthday party with a yummy Scooby Doo cake, lots of friends and family and of course swimming. We debated a long time about what to do for his party and ultimately his favorite thing to do in the summer is swim at Maw and Paw' how could we do anything else. It was hot...very hot and I'm very appreciative to the family that came and did not they managed I have no idea, but Peyton loved having each and every one of you there. I'm going to attempt to post A LOT of pictures from that day. I may have to post this as a two part blog, but have patience!! It will happen!!

Peyton blowing out his candle...I love how Colten is just dying to help!! He could hardly stand it!

Abby kept trying to give Peyton a hug..he kept giving her the "no I don't think so" eventually led to Abby lifting her dress being super still didn't work.

Abby, Peyton and Lindsey having dinner

These two are like peas and carrots...ALWAYS together! I love it!

Brad was trying hard to give me a heart attack...Peyton is fearless!

Piper looked like she needed a push

Peyton's Scooby Doo hear him say this is worth every bit of cake!

Stay tunned for part 2!!!