Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things that are bugging me

Ok so this is a super random post, but I feel the need to vent. Two things are bothering me today.
Number 1: Does anyone else hate the corn fructose commercials as much as me? Are they kidding? "it's ok in moderation". I get that the corn farmers need their $$$, but how about a commercial for some corn on the cob. I've eaten sweet corn on the cob from Kansas and it's better than any Popsicle I've had!! Just saying.
Number 2: If you watch any t.v. at all you've probably seen all the news about the tragic death of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. I can't even imagine how horrifying that would be. What I find interesting about the media, though, is that no one is pointing out the fact that her sister married a convicted murderer...or I guess I should say he was put away for attempted murder...same thing. Seriously?!! I can never say what I would do in someone else's shoes, but when it comes to my son, I could NEVER deliberately marry someone who was put in jail for trying to murder someone. Not saying that this is her fault because he should have been put back in jail for parole violations months ago. I guess my message is: TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS FIRST!!! They can't make decisions like that for themselves. Ok I'm done venting. Don't forget to vote in one week!!

It's winter in South Mississippi

For the 2 years we lived in Wichita, all we did was complain about the cold weather. When the opportunity came up for us to move to South Mississippi, it was a no brainer! Warm weather, an hour to the beach...who could ask for more? Thats not really the picture being painted here today. It's SO COLD! I have to say that I do love it...only because I know that in 2 days, it'll be 70 degrees again. Last year I think I can count on one hand the days or nights it was below 40 degrees. Last night it reached 35 and it's expected to stay in the 30's for the next 2 nights. This only figures because Sunday I put out my mums and planted huge ferns in my giant pots on the porch. The same happened last year...I planted beautiful palms in my pots and like a week later it froze...we weren't home to cover the plants and well...you can see where this story is going. They're in plant heaven. I'm determined to keep these alive though. Yesterday Peyton's swing set got finished...yea!! Of course NOW it's finished...it was only like 40 degrees yesterday evening. But you know he dragged me out there so he could "kide". His poor little nose was cherry red and he was covered head to toe in dirt. Lets just say I was not even a little prepared for cold weather...he has no hat and no mittens. It's on my agenda today. Pepper is LOVING this cold weather. She is the only family member that actually enjoyed Wichita. Her favorite pastime was jumping head first in the snow. She should have been a Golden Retriever. Yesterday she ran like 10 laps in the backyard..I guess the coldness makes her frisky. So all that leads us back to this morning. I put Peyton in his oh so cute Polo jeans and his race car sweater that I thought he'd never get to wear. He was SO handsome...still not happy about going to school...but he looked good. So thats the moral of the day....wherever you are..cold or warm...you gotta look good!

Cheesin it up for Mommy
This was hilarious....my car was making smoke b/c of the cold and Peyton was blowing at it saying "hot"
He totally posed this himself
He lured Daddy out to slide with him

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch: Part II

Last weekend Nana and Pop came down to visit. We did what we do with all of our visitors in the fall...we took them to the Pumpkin Patch!! We had a great time and as the weekend winded down, we really fussed at ourselves for not taking the time to go to New Orleans for a day. We had planned on taking Peyton down this weekend to go to the Aquarium, but this weekend started the Voodoo Music Festival down there..I think I'll pass. We always forget about taking guests to New Orleans for a day trip...it's only about an hour and half from our house..so it's fairly close. I guess we never think about it because we never actually go. For the last 3 years New Orleans has been a place we avoided, but I hear now that it's clean and actually more enjoyable than ever. So we'll save that adventure for another weekend. Here are a few pictures from our super fun weekend with Nana and Pop. For some reason, a lot of my pictures came out WAY too bright...hopefully Nana and Pop's are better! Enjoy!

It's potty time!!

Ok this is just a quick F.Y.I. Peyton pottied in the big boy potty today!! Total fluke I'm sure, but at least we're one step closer. And at least he now realizes it's ok for him to go there. He's always really scared to sit on the potty, but today he was squealing and jumping after he did it. Priceless!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh my gosh!! We have video!

So I realized last night that its been 100 years since we posted video. So for your viewing enjoyment, here is a video of Peyton "dancing" last night. I have NO idea what came over him. We were standing there talking and then all of a sudden he broke into dance...with no music!! I think he must get his dancing skills from his dad.....or maybe his Uncle D. Please notice his beautiful outfit as well....I don't know why he's always missing clothes! oh well. Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey...you're lucky...we're bowling tonight!

For all you movie buffs.....name the movie that line came from!!!

This last weekend was a crazy one. Our friends from Georgia came in for a visit with their 2 kids....yes that makes 3 kids and 4 adults in my house!! yikes! We had a good time...Peyton got a little out of hand occasionally, but that was to be expected. We painted pumpkins Friday and the kids totally enjoyed that. Peyton was in hog heaven. Then Saturday night we all went bowling. Peyton LOVED it! We were worried that we'd be waisting money on shoes and a game for him, but we thought now was as good a time as any. He was SO good while we bowled and he was so excited when it was his turn. Occasionally he would take breaks and have some strawberries I brought for him, but mostly he was ready to throw his ball. And can you even believe they make bowling shoes for little people! They were so cute and he thought he was so big to have shoes just like daddy. It's definitely something we'll do again with him in the near future. He's finally getting to an age where we can take him to do things we like to do and he can have fun too. The highlight of the night, though, was when I, Lisa, for the first time EVER, beat Brad Hoefler bowling!!! Can I get a WOOHOO! I think it might be the highest score I've ever gotten....153. It was so awesome. Unfortunately, the following game I threw like 4 gutter balls, but at least I can say I've beat him once in my lifetime. Oh joy!! Today all the guests left and Peyton and I have totally been lounging. He passed out on the couch at about 11:00....2 hours before naptime! He was exhausted. So now I'll spend the next few days cleaning my house...again...preparing for the next round of guests!! Enjoy the pictures :-)

Peyton getting ready to bowl
Aren't they sweet
Rolling his ball
You can't tell but Peyton is screaming "go go go!"
Proof I'm the champion!
My little Picasso

What a work of art
He's really getting into it now

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun times on the Coast

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Mississippi. So around lunch time we decided to head to the gulf coast to visit our friends Erin and Russ. I just realized after unloading pictures that we have none with Erin and Russ, but I promise that they're real people. Anyways, a few weeks ago Brad and I were watching the Food Network (my favorite). They have a program called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives...ever seen it? It's awesome...they featured a restaurant in Ocean Springs called The Shed so of course we decided that being so close..we needed to try it. So thats where we headed for lunch today. It may be the BEST BBQ I've ever had. It's definitely a dive....mostly outdoors with long picnic tables everywhere and it's definitely a "shed"....hence the name I guess. I only took one stinkin picture while I was there and you just do not get the full appreciation of this place. I have never seen so much junk in my life...they must just find stuff on the side of the road and think "hey..this will look good at our restaurant". My best bud Meredith would have loved it! ha! So after the adults pigged out and after Peyton finished rolling around in dirty rocks, we decided to head towards the beach. We went to a new park they put up and Peyton had a blast. It was SO windy which made for a great day at the park and you just gotta love the salty air. I don't know what it is about salty air, but I LOVE it....it makes me feel like I'm on vacation I guess. After the park, we dropped our buddies off and we made a quick run into the Disney store at the outlet mall. What a nightmare. We found plenty of stuff for the little guy, but he was so overwhelmed he could not slow down. I think the employees were glad to see us leave. We did leave with a few Christmas presents for the man and his Halloween costume. He's going to be Mickey Mouse...his favorite. So now we're home, bathed and relaxed. Peyton just went down...he only took about a 45 minute nap all day so I'm hoping for a late morning tomorrow. One can hope. Here's the pictures you've waited for!

This was on the stage outside of The Shed..Peyton was performing
Peyton is such a poser! The sign in the background cracks me up...A Family,Food,Drinkery? What the heck is that? I guess it's a Shed!
The family at the playground by the beach...yes he still has a paci...don't judge me
We all know Peyton loves to "bing"
The little slide
Check out that fro!! I told you it was windy, but really...his hair is that crazy
The BIG slide

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

Welcome October!! This is our favorite time of year....the days aren't blazing hot and the nights are crisp and cool. Gotta love it. To welcome fall this year, Maw and Piper came down last weekend to visit the pumpkin patch. We had a blast and I totally loaded all the pictures from the end of the trip...to the beginning of the trip....with a few randoms in between. Sorry, but I doubt any of you will be upset since they're pictures of the big guy! Thanks for a super fun weekend Maw and "Pie"!! Love y'all! Expect more pictures of pumpkin picking soon..Nana and Pop are making they're way down in a few weeks!

This is how we celebrate a fall afternoon in Mississippi...hosing off in the front yard!!
This is one of those randoms....this is from today for school pictures.
Piper and Peyton at the pumpkin patch
Let me pick the most perfect one...
Found it!
The Hay Bear and Piper
Hosing off before entering the house is a MUST after the pumpkin patch...yuck.

The Gang
Our little family...we don't have very many of these shots.
Piper and Brad went through the cornfield maze

It's a bird, it's a plane....nope it's Brad swinging from a tree.

Peyton loved riding these little "bikes"
Posing for the camera!
Whatever Piper did....Peyton had to do too
Uncle Brad and Piper on the hay ride.

We've decided this is what we're going to do for our Mom's at our house :-)
(it's a tee-pee!)
Little bitty maze
Where did Piper go? Maybe in this little hole?
Yep...we had fun!
Piper LOVED swinging from trees!

Maw helped Peyton swing in the big "bing"

Can you tell what he's saying?
Peyton was OBSESSED with this bee...the whole time we were there he kept saying..
"Hi Bee...Bye Bee" so cute
Piper swinging from those trees again
Peyton collected rocks in the tee pee
Random picture of Peyton chasing me in his car
I found him like this
I'm Daddy!
Piper in the sign at the pumpkin patch