Monday, June 8, 2009

Video as promised

This is somewhat of a long video, but it's really only a small part of Peytons performance. The 2 year olds put on a performance for parents so we could see all that they learned...I had no idea Peyton knew any of these songs!! Sorry some of it is a little shaky...we had to make do with our digital camera's a long story. Hope you enjoy a little piece of that day!

So far behind

I'm so far behind so I'm just leaving you with pictures today! Enjoy!

What we did on a rainy day in Knoxville
There are no words for this messiness!

He MAY love riding horses

Waiting to ride the pony in Knoxville

Always taking an opportunity to say "cheese!"

Notice how he's managed to get his little hand in to the smallest sweet.

Feeding the animals

Peyton at his end of the year program at school...great video to follow soon!

This is how we dress for play in Mississippi!

And this is what happens when school is out and we get bored

You didn't think I'd miss out on the fun did you?

Sprinkler time!