Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proof that Peyton can be evil

There are hardly words for this except to poor carpet. I could have understood this "accident" if it had been a faulty sippy cup...but the proof is on his face. How else do you end up with red koolaid on your face and belly if not for spitting it everywhere!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What does Peyton's hair look like straight?

Peyton had to wear his hat outside today because it's so cold. When I took it off...this is what his hair looked like!

Peyton was telling me "NO"..he didn't want his picture taken.
He's saying "That Mine"...everything is his these days.

Peyton and his best bud Woody.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He's just so funny!

No pictures to post today...sorry. I just have to share this short story with you. At this very moment Peyton and I are watching the Polar Express. If you know Peyton you also know his obsession with trains. Everyday it's "I ride choo choo?". Our only assumption is he wants to go to the mall and ride the know the kind you put quarters in and it does nothing but move up and down. The amount of money we have spent on these rides probably would make us choke...but oh well!! So in the Polar Express there is a part at the beginning and end where there is a snowman waving to the train. Peyton kept saying "Hi dog!!" and waving...but Pepper is nowhere in sight! So I'm trying to figure out what he's saying and FINALLY I figure out it's the snowman on t.v. I mean really..anything thats not human must be a dog right?! ha! So the next words out of his mouth are "All aboard!" It's the cutest thing you've ever heard and one of these days I'll actually catch it on camera. Anyways, just thought I'd share that story with y'all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello? Maw..are you there?

Yesterday I decided to call Maw and Paw to see what they were up to. Usually during those conversations Peyton always wants to say a few words...just to tell him he loves them and misses them. (or some version of that! ha!) Well yesterday I had intended our conversation to be short and sweet....45 minutes later Peyton still wouldn't give me the phone back. He apparently had LOTS to tell Maw and Paw. I mean yesterday was a big day...he went back to school. From what we could gather he played kick ball at school...we think. He kept saying..."Maw, Paw....uuhhh! and then he'd kick his leg. I've never seen that one before and yesterday it was raining so I figured they did something in the gym that involved kicking. After chasing Peyton around the house with the phone I finally convinced him to sit in the kitchen with me and talk so I could make dinner. He was so cute...he just plopped right there on the floor and talked to Maw. He just felt like talking yesterday I guess...I know Maw and Paw didn't mind. I finally got the phone back when Peyton accidentally hung up on them....when I wouldn't give him the phone back he just layed there crying "Mawww, Pawww!" Pitiful and if my parents had been here they would have put me in time out for not giving him back the phone.

Peyton talking to Maw
"Mom...why are you taking a picture of me talking on the phone?"

Hello? Maw?

Oh what the heck..."Cheeesse!"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry for the delayed post, but you know how it goes....we live. 2008 was a wonderful year for our family and although we're sad to see another year come and go, we're excited for what the new year has to offer. We ended 2008 with a early December Brad and I visited Dallas for a weekend. I bought Brad tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants game for Christmas..he was thrilled needless to say. We had an AWESOME time and it was a much needed break from the little guy. Peyton had spent the week before home from school with what I'm calling some sort of respiratory infection and then it snowed so we were definitely needing some space. Happy to report now that he is FINALLY over his cold that he's had since October. After our weekend in Dallas, we headed back to Hattiesburg so Peyton could participate in his Christmas program. That didn't go so well...he cried the entire time they carolled and then when it was over he immediately turned the tears off and told us "I sing!". It was cute. Then we headed back to Bossier for a week long Christmas celebration. It was nice to be home for such an extended stay...we don't always get to visit with our friends and family like we want. Santa was very good to all of us this year and we are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Peyton got quality play time with his cousins Piper and Abby...he adores them both. At the end of the week we headed to the Independence Bowl where Louisiana Tech beat Northern Illinois. It was cold and we were squished in the stands, but we had a fabulous time...and it didn't hurt that our team won!! Now we're finally back in Hattiesburg and it feels wonderful. Last night we took Peyton out to eat at Longhorn and then bought some fireworks....I know...we're party animals. Peyton really enjoyed watching Daddy pop fireworks..we saved a few for tonight. I think that pretty much catches the blogging world up. The countdown is now on for Disney World!!

Enjoying his cupcake at his School Christmas Party...he was saying "ho ho ho"
Thats some good cupcake

After his Christmas happy!

During his Christmas Program...not happy.

Dallas Cowboys' Number 1 fan!..maybe

Our last game in Texas Stadium :-(

He loved running through the smoke from the fireworks

Daddy...what is this thing?

All snuggled up ready to watch the show!

This just isn't right....I have no explanation other than he's obsessed with my shoes

Can you tell they're related? I mean really...what kind of face is this?

Peyton found this at Nana's house...looked like boots to him!! Again..he's obsessed with shoes