Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's here it's here!!! It's the final week of our countdown to our special trip Santa brought us!!! We are READY to be on that boat and hanging out with Mickey and his friends. Disney Cruise here we come!!! I'll have a big post after I'm sure....for now just a few pics of our random everyday happenings.  Nothing exciting going on lately, but lots of cuteness.

We had a date at the movies  

Pinewood Derby time!!! Peyton is loving scouts as usual..and those two clowns are some great friends.

 Circus day at school....Shelby was a pink poodle

Shelby and her BFF, Ella...the elephant. ha! 

We affectionately call her "Hollywood" 

This was taken on like day 3 of Brad's 7 day absence for work. We love when the weather is nice enough to enjoy riding our bikes in the neighborhood...although Shelby fell once and insisted on pushing her bike the remainder of the way home. 

On the pier at the lake in our neighborhood....he was really wishing he had his boat right about now. 

We did a little playing on the beach at the lake.  The kids are VERY ready for warm weather so we can spend our days swimming in the lake and fishing.  Peyton was very disappointed he saw no fish that day....come on warm weather!!! 

We ran into a friend along the way. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new neighborhood? 

I just love this kid 

Ready for her valentines day party at school! 

No words needed here.  

laying in the sun at the lake 

Someone got a big girl haircut 

Sad sad sad. We had a rough night of storms and the kids lived there for about an hour. We come out unscathed though.