Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids certainly got into Halloween a lot more this year. So much that I couldn't even keep up with Peyton to take pictures. ha! We got smart this year and hooked up our trailer to haul our kids along with my cousin and one of her kids plus a friend. We had a blast and thankfully this year it felt like Halloween with it being so cold. By the end of the night Peyton said his ears were ice cubes! ha! Definitely a southern kid. Shelby has as much fun as Peyton although had a hard time keeping up...insert Mommy carrying her to most houses. She also was TERRIFIED of any child dressed as a bug...including the 2 year old dressed as a bumble bee. Only my kid!!

Shelby about 5 minutes ago...eating her loot!
Our trailer full of trick or treaters
Little red riding hood!
There are just no words....I love these kids.

This was his scary face. hahaha!
We had to limit the howling to 2 howls per house. He forgot all about howling once he started getting candy.

Last weekend we made our first trip to the fair in Laurel. The kids had a blast and I've come to appreciate the times my parents took me a lot more after spending as much as we did. ha! Peyton LOVED riding the rides and Shelby enjoyed the animals. Can't wait till next year!

Peyton HATED the petting zoo...you can tell by his face. :-)
Shelby on the other hand LOVED it...she would've crawled in the pins with them.
Pony rides!! favorite for all.

The only game Shelby wanted to play...she would've fished for "quack quacks" for hours.
They wanted it, but neither one were really fond of it. Whose kids are these?

The ferris wheel!
Oh sweet soccer. I'm thankful for last years experience because Peyton has improved immensely. He really enjoyed it this year and so did we!!

Getting his trophy at his last game.
Peyton, Maw and Paw at his last game.
Peyton in action!

His first field trip....the snow cone place. :-) They had a ball.

Just because she's cute.