Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Soccer, birthdays and cowboys...oh my!

Peyton started soccer practice tonight...he was so excited, but as usual found himself a hole and crawled in it for a little while. :-) He did super when we got there, but got hot and distracted with the playground about halfway through practice and wanted to hide behind our legs. After a good "man to man" talk with dad he was back on the field. I think he's going to have a great season!

Shelby keeping herself entertained during practice.

Sure brother, I'll hold onto this for you!
Mommy, take a picture of me!!!
On the 29th Shelby turned 7 months!! I can't even believe how fast the time is going. Like seriously what has happened to the last 7 months. Shelby just went for her 6 month check up (yes we're a little behind, but back on track now). She weighed 15lbs 3oz and 26 inches long. She's tiny!!! Peyton was a preemie and at 6 months he weighed 16 lbs 3oz...and that was at 6 months...not 7! It completely shocked me. She is longer than he was though so I guess she's going to be tall and skinny!
Here's the sweet girl taking her "birthday" bath!

Have I mentioned she's teething? She's already busted one tooth through and is not working on another one. Our house hasn't been exactly quiet lately. poor baby!

Last week Peyton had Rodeo Roundup at preschool. He was SO into getting dressed up for this...we even had a dress rehearsal the night before. ha!!
Mr. Cowboy waiting in the car line.
I think it was saying "giddy up cowboy!"

Why he had to pose in front of his junky train table I don't know, but that's where he wanted to take his picture...the table has since been moved to his room.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here we go.....

So here is my attempt at catching up. Probably insanely impossible, but I'm going to try.

May ended with a visit from one of our best friends, Tim. He came to play in a golf tournament with Brad...and to see Shelby and Peyton of course. :-)
This is Shelby at about 4 months...she has mastered pushing up and smiling!

She also started eating some solid foods at 4 months...she really was more excited about the sweet potatoes than she shows.
We started off July with a trip to Gattitown...Peyton's FAVORITE place to go. (Shelby also just turned 5 months)
And Peyton learned how to "work" on Daddy's Mustang...he also got his first ride in it...he now refers to it as "Daddy's Mustang" instead of "that car"
These are just more sweet pictures of Shelby showing off her skills...still 5 months here.

July ended with Peyton going to his first Soccer Camp. He cried like a crazy person the first day, but by the end of the week he was LOVING it. All of the kids had a hard time with the heat though and most of them spent their time just standing there.
Stretching before practice started....Peyton's favorite part of camp was at the end when they got to play with the giant parachute....ironically it had nothing to do with Soccer.
Dressed for success!
And that brings us to Peyton's 4th birthday. :-( My little man is growing up. We had his big party in Bossier...will upload those pictures a little later. Dad took his actual birthday off and we spent the day together....he of course had to have ANOTHER birthday cake.

A week after his birthday, Peyton started Pre-K!! This year he started a new school and he LOVES it...not even one tear since he's started. His teacher is actually from Louisiana so maybe he senses a closeness?? who knows, but I'm glad he's enjoying himself.

And that just about brings us up to date. I know there are things I have left out, but I haven't been the best picture taker in the world. I've relied a lot on grandparents and I have some pictures I still need to get, but this at least is a good "summary" of our last few months. The kids go tomorrow for check-ups...Shelby 6 month (even though she's almost 7 months!) and Peyton's 4 yr. I'm anxious to see what Shelby is weighing these days...the girl LOVES to eat. She's growing so fast and learning new things everyday. She's laughing out loud, attempting to pick up food, picking up toys up and switching hands and even attempting to clap. She is saying "dadada", but I think it's a fluke. ha! I'd say she's a Daddy's girl, but I think she is generally a "whoever will pick me up" girl. hehehe Girlfriend screams like a wild animal if you set her down and walk away. Hoping Mom's Day Out will help some with that...she started the same week Peyton started Pre-K....no pictures..of course. Well, I've met my quota for "me time" today so I better get back to babysitting. ha! Now that the kids are back on a schedule I promise to do better with my updates!!!