Thursday, May 21, 2009

As promised....our next American Idol

It's a little long, but you have to watch until the end...thats the best part!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day and our next American Idol

I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day! My boys treated me well. Saturday we took Peyton to the water park in Gulfport. To say he loved it would be an understatement. He wouldn't even stop to eat lunch and everyone knows how much Peyton likes to eat! We had a fantastic time and I'm thinking of getting season passes for the summer. Sunday the boys let me sleep in...sweet sweet sleep. It was the best present ever. We went out for lunch and did some shopping at Old Navy and then spent the remainder of the day being lazy. It was fabulous!

Having a Mother's Day cupcake
So much fun

Who's having more fun...Peyton or Daddy?

Peyton loved this looked like a boat.
And his most favorite...the "blah" or frog to you and me.

Since it's been 100 years since I posted video I thought tonight would be a good night. First off...Peyton has FINALLY learned how to ride his tricycle. It only took forever..the kid next door was born the same month as Peyton and he's already riding a big boy bike with training wheels...geez. But we have video proof he can do it. Then, tonight Peyton really got into American Idol with us. The video I have is of him singing's priceless and be sure to watch to the very end....thats the best part. Ok so after trying to get video loaded ALL NIGHT I've made myself a liar. I only have video of Peyton riding his bike. When I get the other loaded I'll post. Sorry guys!