Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ok not really the snow storm they were was definitely an ice event though.  Happily we did not lose power!!!  The kids got two days off from school and Brad was able to return from Memphis in time to watch the kids play.  So we're stuck in for day 2 of the winter far the kids have been kind and since it's somebody's 4TH BIRTHDAY today we're going to attempt to go to a movie this evening. Fingers crossed.

He wasn't having any part of it...wimp. 

My frozen Camelia...I'm so hoping that I still get some blooms...both bushes had just started to bud! 

Our driveway 

The road leading to our house 

And because I still haven't posted any pictures of it....our new house. 

 He finally ventured out! ha!

 sad sad sad frozen Sago Palm

 The other side of the road